Mizzen + Main Abrams Advanced Denim

Mizzen + Main Abrams Advanced Denim

I finished reading Moby Dick about a month ago. For a book about a murderous whale that flips the table on the ships attacking it, the action is actually rather sparse. The occasional bouts of action come after long interludes describing every minutiae of whale hunting, from different species to storing the blubber to ship etiquette. I now know much more about whale hunting than I ever thought I would. I also saw the word “mizzen” in print about every hundred pages or so. The mizzen refers to one of the sails on the ship and each time I saw it I was reminded of Mizzen + Main. Continue reading

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Saturday Sip: Summit Great Northern Porter

Summit Great Northern Porter

When it comes to dark beers, porters get nowhere near the love that stouts do. For one, it just doesn’t seem like there are as many. Almost every craft brewery has a stout. Heck almost every craft brewery has a barrel-aged stout at this point (which isn’t to say that most of them are nothing more than overhyped crap). If you’re making a dark beer, you’re making a stout. Continue reading

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Bedford & Broome Foster Bow Tie

Bedford & Broome Foster Bow Tie

If there were a bow tie that belonged in the woods, it would probably be this one. The buffalo check on the Foster Bow Tie from Bedford & Broome could just as easily pair with a Mackinaw Cruiser as a navy blazer. Chances are you’ll never wear it to the woods, so bring the woods to the office. Continue reading

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Ledbury Blue Parker Flannel Gingham Shirt

Ledbury Blue Park Flannel Gingham Shirt

We’ve talked about duck boots. We’ve discussed rugged leather gloves. It seems there’s a bit of a “lumbersexual” trend going on this week so I might as well keep it going for at least another day. Now if I had to take a guess as to what these crazy trend-chasers are wearing for shirts, I’d put all my money on flannel. It’s long been associated with the outdoors and winter. It’s also a timeless look that you’ll still be wearing years after these hipsters move on to coalminersexual or janitorsexual or whatever other stupid trend they come up with. Continue reading

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Prep Work: Duck Boots

L.L.Bean 8" Bean Boots

L.L.Bean 8″ Bean Boots

If you’ve paid any attention to clothing-related news in the past month, you’ve probably noticed that L.L.Bean has had a rumored waiting list of up to 100,000 for its classic Bean Boots. Many of the most popular sizes won’t be reaching some purchasers until long after the snow has melted this winter. The reason for this massive wait? A resurgence in popularity of the brand with high school and college students, plus a burgeoning trend termed “lumbersexual”.  Continue reading

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Hudson Sutler x Give’r Jackson Hole Gloves

Hudson Sutler x Give'r Jackson Hole Gloves

Thinking about forgoing gloves this winter? Don’t do it. Seriously, cold, wet hands are no way to go through winter. And why would you want to eschew gloves when you have such great options as the Jackson Holes, a new collaboration from Hudson Sutler and Give’rContinue reading

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Allen Edmonds Oak Street Cap-Toe Oxfords

Allen Edmonds Oak Street Cap Toe Oxfords

Man, even as a Bears fan I feel bad for the Packers fans. While it made for a thrilling game for the rest of us, that was an absolutely cruel way to lose a trip to the Super Bowl. The game may have been lost on the field but maybe you can take at least a little solace in the fact that Wisconsin still beats Washington when it comes to footwear. Continue reading

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Saturday Sip: Great Lakes Blackout Stout

Great Lakes Blackout Stout

In August of 2003 a massive blackout hit eight states in the Northeast and Midwest and one Canadian province. At the time it was the second most widespread blackout in history. Employees at Cedar Point literally had to help guests walk down steps after Magnum XL-200 got stuck halfway up the lift hill. The blackout lasted only a few hours for some and multiple days for others. For many it was an inconvenience. For Great Lakes Brewing Company it was an inspiration. Continue reading

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Over Under Duck Call Collage Bow Tie

Over Under Duck Call Collage Bow Tie

When it comes to meat, duck is extremely underrated. Why chicken is the more popular fowl I’ll never know. Duck is a hundred times juicier and tastier. I’m lucky that I live within an hour of one of the largest duck farms in the country, so finding duck at local restaurants isn’t all that uncommon. In terms of wild duck, one of my coworkers brought in some duck jerky the other day and it was delicious. There’s no doubt that he didn’t bag that duck without the help of a duck call, so in honor of that tasty snack, today’s Bow Tie Friday pick is the Duck Call Collage Bow Tie from Over Under. Continue reading

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The Field Guide: Rubbernecking on the Road to New England

Andrew Luck Civil War

The Field Guide is a weekly feature highlighting some of the best reads and news across the internet.  Stop by every Thursday for a round up of what’s relevant that week. Continue reading

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