Topo Designs Baseball Tee

And just like that baseball is back. Pitchers and catchers reporting and the start of spring training means warm weather isn’t too far away. But while I’m elated to enjoy a season where the Cubs are the defending world champions, I’m still stuck in the middle of basketball season. I’ll keep one eye down south for the next month, but until March Madness is finished, the Baseball Tee from Topo Designs will be my biggest point of baseball emphasis. Continue reading

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Chubbies The Piñas Locas

You’ll find that when you have a kid, you do more swimming than you have since you yourself were a kid. Nothing to do on a winter weekend? Let’s find a pool to kill some time. Hotel swimming pools become godsends on vacations. Throw in swimming lessons, summer splash pad visits and heading to the lake and you might just spend more time in swim trunks than any other piece of clothing. That’s why it’s important to have a pair you won’t mind practically living in, like the Piñas Locas from Chubbies. Continue reading

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Mill City Fineries Americana Plaid Necktie

Find a way to work a little red, white and blue into your outfit today. It is Presidents’ Day after all. There’s no easier way to do that than with a simple plaid tie like the Americana Plaid from Mill City Fineries. Continue reading

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Central Waters Ouisconsing Red Ale

Yesterday the sun was out and the temperature was warm enough to comfortably go outside with no coat. In other words perfect porch drinking weather. Which is exactly what I did. I pulled up a chair, let my daughter and dog roam about the backyard and pried off the cap of a Central Waters Ouisconsing Red Ale. Prior to taking my first sip I had very few intentions of transforming that beer into a blog post. Red ales aren’t particularly popular or sexy, but I had picked this one up in Wisconsin last weekend to sample a little of the local flavor. Continue reading

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Best Made Co. Canvas Field Pant

I’ve always found the look of khaki pants to be a great one for adventuring. Perhaps it’s how they look next to the vibrant greens of forests or the deep blues of a mountain lake. There’s just something about them that looks good. But you can’t just wear any pair of khakis out into the wilderness. Though they really serve only one purpose, the Canvas Field Pants from Best Made Co. may be a worthy investment. Continue reading

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Southern Proper Goal Line Shirt

It’s fun to watch brands grow up and adapt to their customer bases. Many of the brands that popped up half a decade or so ago have been trying to figure out how to stay relevant with a maturing customer. Those initial customers are no longer in college and have entered a new stage in life. Most brands haven’t done well to adapt, but a few have and they are the ones still around. Southern Proper has figured out how to walk that fine line between attracting new younger customers while also growing with those who were there at the start. The newest iterations of the Goal Line Shirt are the perfect example of that. Continue reading

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Mizzen + Main Hudson Shirt

We’re just starting to get glimpses of the coming spring here in Michigan. Temperatures are creeping up a few days at a time, reminding us that soon we’ll be more worried about battling sweat than snow and salt. Now is a good time to get a head start on the battle and pick up the Hudson from Mizzen + Main. Continue reading

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The Five Best on East Dane: Be Mine?

The Five Best on East Dane

Every couple of weeks I’ll take a look at the five best things on East Dane at the time, each time choosing a different theme. East Dane is one of the best shops on the web for clothing and accessories, compiling a wide variety of brands in one place. If you have Amazon Prime you can often take advantage of free, fast shipping as the store is tied in with the retailer. Continue reading

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Grayers Stripe Double Knit Crew

I’ve mentioned previously that I’ll often receive catalogs from brands I’ve never covered nor heard of. Generally these brands at least catch my eye and must have done a little research into what I cover because they tend to be relevant and occasionally I’ll even be intrigued enough to write about one. That’s the case with Grayers, a brand that apparently has a long, rich history but had managed to stay off my radar until now. Perhaps my favorite piece in the latest catalog is the Stripe Double Knit Crew. Continue reading

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Knockaround Premiums

A few weeks ago Knockaround completed a redesign of its web store. The new site is clean and easy to navigate, with plenty of filters to find just the right style and color. This was a great chance to revisit a brand I love but haven’t spent much time with lately since I’m on a fairly incredible streak of not losing or breaking my sunglasses. But next time I inevitably need some replacements, I’ll be picking up a pair of the Premiums. Continue reading

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