Chubbies The Dog Days

Chubbies Dog Days

After a relatively cool start to the summer, it has indeed become the dreaded dog days. The heat has started to near oppressive levels and there’s been a distinct lack of rain now for a couple weeks. I’m not complaining too much because I’ll take it over the snow and freezing temperatures of winter. Staying cool is of prime concern though. That’s why today’s post brings you a pair of shorts perfectly named for this period of summer. Continue reading

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Ranked: Southern “Blank” Brands

Southern Stereotype Clothing Company

Ranked is a feature that sets out a category and then ranks said category. It’s completely subjective and hopefully sparks some conversation. I expect you to disagree and hopefully that disagreement sparks some real dialogue that allows us all to get a better idea of what this niche of the apparel industry really looks like. Continue reading

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Quoddy Boat Moc

Quoddy Boat Moc

What do you get when you combine a sailboat and a campfire? If you literally do it, a sunk boat. But if you take the characteristics of each and apply them to shoe form, you’d end up with the Boat Moc from Quoddy. Continue reading

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Stock Manufacturing Co. Oxford Buttondown

Stock Mfg Co Blue Oxford Buttondown

I’m getting frustrated with the growing amount of brands popping up that claim to love America and boldly shout it from their t-shirts but one look at the tag reveals “Made in Anywhere but the USA.” Screw that. I’d support a law that says you can’t stick an American flag on a shirt unless that shirt is made in the USA. If you love it so much, make it here. Continue reading

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The Five Best on East Dane: Lake House Essentials

The Five Best on East Dane

Every couple of weeks I’ll take a look at the five best things on East Dane at the time, each time choosing a different theme. East Dane is one of the best shops on the web for clothing and accessories, compiling a wide variety of brands in one place. If you have Amazon Prime you can often take advantage of free, fast shipping as the store is tied in with the retailer. Continue reading

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Saturday Sip: Rochester Mills Milkshake Stout

Rochester Mills Milkshake Stout

Rochester Mills was one of the breweries I was hoping to visit on this year’s Detroit Beer Trip. We ran out of time that go round, so I made plans to stop by a few weeks later on a different trip to Detroit. That one was also short on time and I never did make it. I did, however, pick up a bottle of the brewery’s Milkshake Stout at a local bottle shop to take home.  Continue reading

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General Knot & Co. Ship to Shore Classic Bow

General Knot & Co Ship to Shore Classic Bow Tie

Well that felt like hitting the Staples easy button. On my hunt for today’s bow tie, which can’t really be considered a hunt because it lasted approximately 30 seconds, I first went to General Knot & Co.’s web site. On the front page the first picture was of new summer designs, including a necktie in an anchor print. A quick click over to the rest of the new arrivals revealed that it was available in bow tie form as well. I was hooked and the search was done. The Ship to Shore Classic Bow was about as easy a choice as they come. Continue reading

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Ledbury Berry Richmond Chino

Ledbury Berry Richmond Chino

Ledbury has long been known for its top-notch shirts that provide a made-to-measure like fit in a ready-to-wear product. The brand has now taken that mastery to the lower half of the body by introducing a line of trousers. The line is split between the casual Franklin 5-Pocket and the more dressed up Richmond Chino. If there’s one to grab before the summer is out, it’s the Berry Richmond Chino. Continue reading

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Buffalo Jackson Cottonwood L/S Shirt

Buffalo Jackson Cottonwood LS Shirt

All seasons are great for exploring. Even the cold of last winter produced amazing ice formations on the shores of Lake Michigan that I enjoyed scrambling over and working my way as close to the edge as possible. But summer really is the best. The weather is great and the options are much more abundant. The Cottonwood L/S Shirt from Buffalo Jackson probably wouldn’t be my first choice for exploration gear, but it’s evident that its design was greatly influenced by a love of the outdoors. Continue reading

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Man Outfitters

Man Outfitters 3

When you’re shopping online, sometimes you just don’t have time to hop from site to site to compare items. Or maybe you don’t want to take the time to fill out the billing details for two or three separate purchases. Those are times when it’s helpful to have a one-stop shop available that carries many of the brands you love. Man Outfitters happens to be one of the best, most-relevant stops for many of the brands featured on Great Lakes Prep. Continue reading

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