Saturday Sip: New Holland Pilgrim’s Dole

New Holland Pilgrim's Dole Wheatwine Beer

Is there a brewery out there that releases bourbon barrel-aged beers with less fanfare than New Holland? While most breweries overhype any thing and every thing that touches a bourbon barrel, playing up limited availability and setting bottle limits, New Holland is just over there like they do it every day, which, more or less, they do. Dragon’s Milk? Chances are you’re going to find it anywhere that carries New Holland pretty much year round. Continue reading

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Brackish Bow Ties Carolina Copper Bow Tie

Brackish Bow Ties Carolina Copper

Every year around this time we revisit Brackish Bow Ties. It makes sense. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Brackish got its start by making bow ties from turkey feathers. The brand now crafts bow ties from the plumage of all sorts of fowl but it’s those original turkey feather bow ties that fit best with next Thursday’s meal. The Carolina Copper was one of the first bow ties offered and is still one of the best looking. Continue reading

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Smathers & Branson Christmas Sweater Needlepoint Flask

Smathers and Branson Christmas Sweater Needlepoint Flask

Thick, warm wool Christmas sweaters and several ounces of your spirit of choice are two of the most effective ways to battle the cold of winter. The sweater will actually keep you warm, the liquor will at least make you feel warmer. Why not combine the both of them? Smathers & Branson did with its Christmas Sweater Needlepoint Flask. Continue reading

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GLP Gift Guide: The Dog

2014 Gift Guide Dog L.L.Bean Orvis Tucker Blair Over Under Brooks Brothers Filson


Your dog has no clue it’s Christmas. He doesn’t know he’s supposed to receive presents. He could care less. Accidentally leaving some food out on a low counter would suffice. In reality these gifts are more for you than him. That doesn’t make it any less fun. Continue reading

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Bedford & Broome Essex Wallet

Bedford & Broome Essex Wallet

Never judge a book by its cover. A rather plain outside may be hiding a masterpiece on the inside. Likewise, never judge a wallet by its exterior. (Unless there’s velcro out there. Judge accordingly.) Case in point the Essex Wallet from Bedford & Broome. Continue reading

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Brand Bracket 2014: Midwest Food Edition | Championship

2014 Midwest Food Bracket Championship

A big thank you goes out to Flyover Press for sponsoring the bracket. Flyover Press is a proud advocate of Midwest pride and puts the heart and soul of the heartland into its clothing and posters. During the length of the competition, readers can save 20% on orders at Flyover Press by using the code “FoodBracket” at checkout.

It all comes down to this. Italian beef versus Graeter’s. Chicago versus Cincinnati. Dripping wet, messy piles of beef between bread versus heavenly ice cream, baked goods and ice cream. Which one will be voted the best of the Midwest?

Vote once, picking your favorite food out of the choices. Voting closes at 11:00 PM EST on Friday, November 21.

#1 Italian Beef vs. vs. #6 Graeter’s

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Blast From the Past: Flyover Press Born In The USA Long Sleeve

Born In The USA Long Sleeve T-Shirt Tee Made in America

A lot has changed over the past year. What hasn’t is Flyover Press’s dedication to crafting made in America products at made overseas prices. The Born in the USA Long Sleeve remains a cold weather favorite on casual days. The ladies will be happy to know that Flyover Press has added a pink option and raised the logo on its women’s version. Those things may have changed but those core American-made, Midwest-centric values sure haven’t.

Made in America clothing is awesome. There’s no disputing that. What isn’t so awesome is that it normally means paying a few dollars more for the same product to cover the increased costs of domestic manufacturing. For college students and recent grads on limited budgets, those few extra dollars can add up quickly. But what if there were a company that believed in making Made in America affordable, a company that priced its long sleeve tees at the same point that brands manufacturing overseas priced their short sleeves? And what if that brand were based right here in the Midwest? Sound too good to be true? Then you obviously haven’t feasted your eyes on the Born In The USA Long Sleeve Tee by Flyover Press*.

The Born In The USA Long Sleeve should be your new go to t-shirt for those days and nights that are a little cooler. Maybe you’re thinking that to keep the price low, quality was skimped. Not so as these t-shirts are made from soft 100% jersey cotton. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable long sleeve. The brand’s corn and wheat logo subtly sits on the chest and the back features a vintage-inspired circular graphic that proudly exclaims just where these shirts were born. Available in gray, navy and a limited number of sky blue, these long sleeves will have you supporting American manufacturing without breaking the bank.

Use the code “GLP20″ at checkout to save 20% on your order and receive a koozie and sticker along with your shipment through Friday, November 21.

Flyover Press is owned by Great Lakes Prep founder Nick Yoder.

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Saturday Sip: The Muddy Imperial Stout

Goose Island The Muddy Imperial Stout

The blues may have been born in the Mississippi River delta but they were perfected in the Windy City. In the 40’s large numbers of African-Americans fled the South in the Great Migration. Among them was McKinley Morganfield, better known as Muddy Waters. He wasn’t the first to add electric guitar to the blues but he did enough to popularize the style to become known as the “father of Chicago blues.” In 1947 he recorded his first records with Aristocrat Records. By 1950 the label had changed its name to Chess Records and the greatest label in blues history was born.  Continue reading

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Brooks Brothers Multiplaid with Snowflake Reversible Bow Tie

Brooks Brothers Multiplaid with Snowflake Bow Tie Reversible

Yesterday we got our first big snowfall of the season. For a kid that first snow is magical. For us adults it just means longer commutes, riskier roads and the added chore of shoveling the driveway every few days. Live for any length of time on the eastern side of Lake Michigan and you’ll come to dread the words “lake effect.” This year I’m going to try to embrace my little kid side and not worry about the snow as much. Maybe I’ll even go as far as sporting it on a bow tie, like the Multiplaid with Snowflake Reversible Bow Tie from Brooks Brothers. Continue reading

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The Field Guide: Renewable Hot Pocket Energy

Burger Place Geography


The Field Guide is a weekly feature highlighting some of the best reads and news across the internet.  Stop by every Thursday for a round up of what’s relevant that week.

Louis XIV: Sun King has found a clever loophole around a law that requires Indiana businesses that sell alcohol by the “drink” to also serve food.

Krystal Ball: Flowing Data has put together some great graphics that show where burger chains are located. Here’s hoping those Whataburger dots start moving north.

Sole-r Power: These soccer balls that generate electricity are awesome.

Free Samples: Here’s an incredible visualization of all the songs sampled on Girl Talk’s All Day.

The Jam:

You can easily pick up on Diplo’s contribution to this track (Diplo and Skrillex make up Jack Ü) that combines the tropical house trend and the incredible vocals of Kiesza to create magic. You can also listen to the track on the GLP November Playlist.

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