10th Day of Christmas: Olly Oxen Holiday Bow Tie and Cummerbund

Olly Oxen Boudreaux Bow Tie Cummerbund

While it’s probably too late for you to use today’s prizes for the office holiday party (although I’ve heard of holiday parties no taking place until midway through January), you may just get a shot at New Year’s Eve. (Although that’s putting a lot of faith in the wholly unreliable shipping gods). Olly Oxen just released several cummerbunds to go with its holiday bow ties and this is your chance to score one of each. Continue reading

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The Field Guide: Luck Be A Fair Lady Tonight

Tie Bar Fair Isle

The Field Guide is a weekly feature highlighting some of the best reads and news across the internet.  Stop by every Thursday for a round up of what’s relevant that week. Continue reading

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9th Day of Christmas: Southern Proper Thomas Pullover

Southern Proper Thomas Pullover

Winter is coming. No, really, it is. We’ve been blessed with fairly mild weather and a general lack of snow here in southwestern Michigan. That’s unlikely to last much longer, especially since winter technically starts in a few days. It’s a good thing today’s giveaway will help bring some warmth to your closet. Continue reading

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8th Day of Christmas: Huckberry $100 Gift Card

Huckberry GLP Giveaway

I’ve discussed how much I love Huckberry before. It is, in my opinion, the best store on the internet. Carefully curated goods for all aspects of life dot the digital shelves. The clothing and gear aren’t the only things that are top notch. Huckberry’s emails are some of the only brand emails I read every time they hit my inbox. They pull some of the best stories from the web and supplement them with some great content of their own. Continue reading

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7th Day of Christmas: Lemon & Line $75 Gift Card

Lemon and Line Endeavour Bracelet

We’re heading out to the Ocean State for today’s giveaway. Lemon & Line has been handcrafting its nautically-inspired bracelets since 2010 when it debuted its square knot bracelet. The line has grown over the years and now includes belts, a tote bag, a hat and plenty more bracelet options. If you win today’s giveaway you’ll get a chance to explore the whole line. Continue reading

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6th Day of Christmas: Great Lakes Clothing Co. North Pine Crew

Great Lakes Clothing North Pine Crew Sweatshirt

Week one of the annual 12 Days of Giveaways got us off to a great start. Several are still going on so make sure you’ve entered. This week figures to be just as good and it kicks off with one of the most exciting brands in the Midwest, Great Lakes Clothing Co. Continue reading

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Saturday Sip: Boulevard Nutcracker Ale

Boulevard Nutcracker Ale

There’s a couple ways a beer named after The Nutcracker could go. There’s the obvious route, a malty ale with the addition of nuts. There’s also the less obvious route, utilizing sugar plums. I don’t know how that second way would go, but it really doesn’t sound all that appetizing.  Boulevard isn’t known for doing things conventionally, so it’s no surprise that it selected neither of these options when crafting its Nutcracker AleContinue reading

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5th Day of Christmas: Mill City Fineries Rainbow Row Tie

Mill City Fineries Rainbow Row neck Tie Bow

Junior year we had a Wii set up in a third floor common area in the fraternity house. Around a dozen of us spent countless hours that year in front of that tv, debating whether we had time for just one more Mario Kart race before heading to class. We had a whole system set up for four race circuits with point totals that had to be reached in order to avoid penalties. There was nothing worse than needing a good place in the final race to break the threshold and realizing you’d have to conquer Rainbow Road. Its narrow track with limited walls separating you from a fall into oblivion almost assured you’d be enduring a penalty in the future. Continue reading

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4th Day of Christmas: Hudson Sutler x Knockaround Sunset Shades

Hudson Sutler Sunset Shades Knockaround

Maybe you’re heading to a more tropical clime during the holidays. Maybe you’ll be staring at cold drinks, sparkling water and the warm sun. Or maybe you’ll be stuck up here in the snow, blinded by the reflection of the sun off its crisp whiteness, only dreaming of being poolside. Either way you’ll need a pair of sunglasses.  Continue reading

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3rd Day of Christmas: Country Club Prep Gift Card

Country Club Prep Gift Card

Gift cards are great because there’s nothing like being able to pick out exactly what you want. There’s no better spot on the web for all of your clothing needs in one place than Country Club Prep. That’s what makes today’s giveaway so great. Up for grabs is a $100 Country Club Prep gift card. Continue reading

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