Saturday Sip: Revisiting My Second Home

Indianapolis is my second home. I spent four years of college, plus one year afterward, there. Back when I left in 2012 there were only a handful of breweries. Sun King and Flat12. Broad Ripple Brewpub, the OG. Triton was shiny and new. Thr3e Wisemen had just set up shop. In the almost four years since, the craft beer scene has exploded with over 20 to choose from. Over the years I’d gotten the chance to try one or two of the new kids but there were plenty I still needed to get to. In January I found myself in Indianapolis for an entire week for training for my new job, an endeavor that meant I had several free nights. That was all the opportunity I needed. Continue reading

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Mott & Bow Mercer Light Khaki Jeans

Mott & Bow Mercer Jean

Dark denim is almost never a bad choice. And it’s good to have a lighter wash on hand as well. But beyond the customary blues, I love having a khaki jean available to rotate in from time to time. It bridges the gap between blue jeans and khakis, mixing together a little of both. It’s dressed down without being completely dressed down but at the same time it’s got a touch more formality without being too formal. The Mercer Light Khaki Jeans from Mott & Bow fit the prescription to a T. Continue reading

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Costa Del Mar Hinano Sunglasses

Costa del Mar Hinano

We don’t tend to think too much about the environmental impact of our clothing, but when it gets down to it, our clothes, how they’re made and what they’re made of is a big deal. Cotton is grown, wool is sheared and synthetic polyesters are made in labs. Some of it is renewable, some of it is not. Sunglasses usually fall into the second category as the plastic used for the frames is often derived from oil. That’s why the Hinano Sunglasses from Costa del Mar are a game changer. Continue reading

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Pillbox Bat Co. Join or Die Bat

Pillbox Bat Co. Join or Die

I’m not sure I’ve ever had this much fun to start a baseball season. Every other day it seems like the Cubs are putting together an offensive explosion. Now if I could just figure out why their games are blacked out in southwest Michigan, I’ll be set. That offense is intimidating, but I couldn’t even imagine how much more intimidating it would be with a Join or Die Bat from Pillbox Bat Co. in each player’s hands. Continue reading

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The Five Best on East Dane: Boat Shoes

The Five Best on East Dane

Every couple of weeks I’ll take a look at the five best things on East Dane at the time, each time choosing a different theme. East Dane is one of the best shops on the web for clothing and accessories, compiling a wide variety of brands in one place. If you have Amazon Prime you can often take advantage of free, fast shipping as the store is tied in with the retailer. Continue reading

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Saturday Sip: Pipeworks Game of Jones

Pipeworks Game of Jones

Game of Thrones returns this Sunday and there are so many unanswered questions that will hopefully be resolved. Is Jon Snow really dead? How about Stannis? What in the world is Bran doing with the tree people? What beer will you be thinking. We can answer that last one right now. Continue reading

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High Cotton Cumberland Madras Bow Tie

High Cotton Cumberland Madras Bow Tie

Now would be a good time to start thinking about bow ties for the Derby. In two weeks the mint juleps will be flowing and the horses will be racing down the backstretch. Best to be prepared with something in pastel around your neck, like the Cumberland Madras Bow Tie from High Cotton. Continue reading

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Ledbury Red Bosworth Sport Coat

Ledbury Red Bosworth Sport Coat

Ledbury is currently running a spring sale with some tiered savings levels. Spend at least $150 and you save 20%. Up that to $250 and you’re at 25%. Go one step higher to $350 and you’ve got a whopping 30% off. That’s at least $105 in savings. There are a ton of great picks to get you to that level but the timing couldn’t be better to get a newly released Red Bosworth Sport Coat. Continue reading

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Oak Street Bootmakers Double Sole Wingtip

Oak Street Bootmakers Double Sole Wingtip

This weekend was a bit of a mixed bag for Chicagoans. On Friday the Blackhawks won but the Cubs lost. Then on Saturday the Cubs won (the Blackhawks had no game). And then yesterday both the Blackhawks and the Cubs lost. Some ups and some downs. But on the bright side, this weekend did also mean the release of the newest shoe from the Windy City’s Oak Street Bootmakers, the Double Sole Wingtip. Continue reading

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Saturday Sip Showdown: Hard Root Beer

Root Beer Showdown

It was March of 2015. I had just finished hosting a spirits dinner at a bar in Chicago and was chatting with the manager. That’s when I first heard about the new drink that was sweeping through Chicago, hard root beer. Not more than a few weeks later my mother-in-law told me one of her clients was raving about this new hard root beer called Not Your Father’s and shortly after that it started to show up in the local grocery stores. Fast forward a year and there are enough hard root beer brands to fill up a mix six pack. Impressive for a category that really didn’t exist before last year. Continue reading

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