Bird Dog Bay Dogs Love America Bow Tie

Bird Dog Bay Dogs Love America Bow Tie

I know what you’re thinking. Did I miss something? Is there some patriotic holiday this weekend I forgot about? Why is there a bow tie here with an American flag? While Columbus Day is Monday, it’s Saturday I’m focusing on. (And it’s not like Columbus discovered the USA anyways.) Saturday should be known as Dos a Cero Day, a rotating holiday that lands every time the USMNT plays Mexico. This Saturday is huge, with redemption for some rather poor play by the Yanks lately and a spot in the Confederations Cup on the line. Continue reading

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General Knot & Co. 1950s Bird Dogs Travel Kit

General Knot & Co 1950s Bird Dogs Travel Kit

I’m right in the middle of my heavy travel season. Two weeks ago it was Indianapolis. This weekend it’s Sandusky. Every time I hit the road I toss my dopp kit, made from the old roof of the RCA Dome, into my Hudson Sutler Yorktown Weekender Duffel. I love the current dopp kit I have, its history and the connection I have with it, but if I ever need a second one I know I’m turning to General Knot & Co. Continue reading

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Sperry Camo Chukka Boot

Sperry Camo Chukka Boot

Camo is one of those recent fashion trends that does have its place in style and often works best when used in small doses. Camo belt? Yes. Camo baseball cap? No problem. Camo pants? Same them for hunting or if you ever join the military. Camo certainly isn’t the first element of style borrowed from the military. It joins the long line of the khaki pant, the peacoat, and the tie to name just a few. And it is a key piece of the “prepneck” niche. So it works when worn right. Continue reading

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Southern Proper Nelson Pullover

Southern Proper Nelson Pullover

The Nelson Pullover from Southern Proper is understated. That itself is a bit of an understatement. In a fall line that features pullovers adorned with stars and stripes, snowflakes and plaid linings, the Nelson stands out for having none of that. It’s simple, plain even. And that’s why I love it. Continue reading

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Blue Claw Co. Waxed Canvas Worton Weekender

Blue Claw Co Waxed Canvas Worton Weekender

When Blue Claw Co. launched its flagship Worton Weekender in 2010, the brand was at the forefront of a resurgence in the weekender bag. Mini versions of large rolling bags were out and the easy-to-carry, appropriately sized duffel was in. That’s still the case as no self-respecting man should ever be caught wheeling a carry-on through the airport. That original Worton Weekender came in a classic combination of ballistic nylon and leather but just last week Blue Claw Co. launched a new version of the bag in waxed canvas. Continue reading

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Saturday Sip: Two Brothers Atom Smasher

Two Brothers Atom SmasherJust because a beer is a lager does not automatically make it boring and uninteresting. For a fine example of this point, look no further than Two Brothers Atom Smasher. The Chicago-area brewery puts a unique spin on the Oktoberfest style by aging its Atom Smasher in oak foudres. The large wooden vessels, traditionally used for maturing and storing wine, impart a complexity into the beer often missing in other versions of the style. Continue reading

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The Field Guide: Bugs Bunny, Kansas and a Beautiful Land

Esquire Americana

The Field Guide is a weekly feature highlighting some of the best reads and news across the internet.  Stop by every week for a round up of what’s relevant that week. Continue reading

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Brooks Brothers Dog Print Bow Tie

Brooks Brothers Dog Print Bow Tie

Wrigley has the inopportune habit of waking up in the middle of the night and vigorously scratching his neck, which shakes and rattles his ID tag on his collar. In the past this never bothered us and we slept right through it. Now that we have a 3-month-old that awakens to every little sound, we’ve had to resort to taking Wrigley’s collar off every night. Unless we forget and then we’re ensured a wide awake Charlotte at 4 AM. Continue reading

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Filson Wildwood Button Down

Filson Wildwood Button Down 2

I’ve noticed lately that most of my plaid shirts are some riff on red, white and blue. Call it patriotism, call it timeless, call it perfect for all seasons. Whatever you want to call it, there’s not a lot of variety there. This isn’t too big of a problem, as developing a signature look is a big part of developing style but that doesn’t mean you should stray from it on occasion. A perfect time to mix it up is when the seasons change and certain colors come out of hibernation. A fall plaid reminiscent of a shirt covered in fallen leaves is a perfect opportunity to mix it up. Continue reading

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Chubbies The Banquet Nutter

Chubbies The Banquet Nutter

Perhaps even more impressive than what Chubbies did for short shorts is what it’s currently doing for the popover. Long mired in a pool of questions as to what a popover actually is and what purpose it serves, Chubbies has redefined the category with it’s fun-loving and rarely-serious Nutters. From loud plaids to Hawaiian prints, the majority have been short sleeve polo/button-down hybrids that have somehow made short sleeve button-downs cool again. The newer long sleeve Nutters are much more of the traditional popover ilk and ones like The Banquet are a touch more refined. Continue reading

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