Saturday Sip: Beer and Wine Tasting in Traverse City

Chateau Chantal Glasses

In early August I had the chance to spend a long weekend up north in the top of the mitten that makes up Michigan’s lower peninsula. Traverse City may be known primarily for its cherries but it’s becoming more and more of a beer and wine destination. The Traverse City Ale Trail currently highlights ten breweries in the city alone and there are stars like Short’s relatively close by. With its location at the 45th parallel, Traverse City and the surrounding area are located right in a prime winemaking and hop growing spot. Add in scenic vistas of Lake Michigan that attract visitors from all over the country and the scene is prime for great beer and wine. Continue reading

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Southern Tide Team Colors Bow Tie

Southern Tide Team Colors Bow Tie

Yesterday was National Bow Tie Day, which is a shame or a blessing depending on how you look at it. It’s a shame because Friday’s are bow tie days. At the same time, it opened up a second day to wear a bow tie this week (not that you needed an excuse). So while we may be a day late on the national recognition, the Team Colors Bow Tie from Southern Tide is here just in time for our weekly Friday recognition. Continue reading

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Over Under Sporting Polo

Over Under Sporting Polo Ocean Blue

It’s always refreshing to find a new American-made polo, particularly one that doesn’t command an absurd premium because of where it’s manufactured. Scan through the brands making up the college prep resurgence and you’ll realize the American-made polo options are very limited. The breadth of selection got a bit wider recently as Over Under introduced its Sporting Polo. Continue reading

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Kickstart: Hugh & Crye Fitted T-Shirts

Hugh & Crye Fitted T-Shirt

Sorry for the slew of Kickstarter campaigns here this week but time is often of the essence when dealing with crowdfunding. Yesterday it was hybrid wooden sunglasses, today it’s a better fitting t-shirt. Hugh & Crye has made its name with its unique approach to sizing men’s shirts. Now it’s taking that same approach to t-shirts with its Fitted T-Shirts campaign. Continue reading

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Kickstart: Yes Man Sunnies

Yes Man La Jolla Sunnies Sunglasses

Lately I’ve really begun to shy away from covering Kickstarter campaigns on the blog. Most pitches are mediocre, at best, and the ones that do end up funded often end up with lengthy production delays or products never being delivered. This isn’t to say all Kickstarter projects are doomed to fail. It just means that if you see one written about here, it’s one that I believe is not only a great product but will also deliver on what it promises.  Continue reading

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HOMAGE x Huckberry National Parks Tees

Homage x Huckberry Yellowstone Tee

Every so often two greats come together to produce something amazing. Shaq and Kobe. Spielberg and Lucas. HOMAGE and Huckberry. Midwest meets West Coast as the two brands have teamed up to pay tribute to our nation’s national natural treasures with the National Parks Tee Collection. Continue reading

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Saturday Sip: Odd Side Ales Java Chip Mint Stout

Odd Side Ales Java Chip Mint Stout

Stout in summer? Stay with me here. Sure it goes against all reason. Why would I want to drink a big, sticky stout right now? You don’t, but all stouts aren’t big and sticky. Take a beer outside right now and it’s going to warm up pretty quickly. Have you tasted warm pilsener? Stouts, on the other hand, are meant to be enjoyed at warmer temperatures, thus negating the warm weather problem. If you’re still having second thoughts about getting on board, just wait until a cooler night. If you’d rather just trust me on this, pick up a Java Chip Mint Stout from Odd Side Ales. Continue reading

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Collared Greens Spyglass Plaid Bow Tie

Collared Greens Spyglass Plaid Bow Tie Red Blue

Collard greens are delicious leaves best cooked with a substantial amount of bacon. Collared Greens is a brand from North Carolina that produces bow ties that are delicious to the eye and go best with eating bacon. The Spyglass Plaid Bow Tie may not look a thing like any collard greens I’ve ever seen but it’s a consummate summer bow tie. Continue reading

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Blast From the Past: Dockers Game Day Khakis

Dockers Game Day Khakis Midwest Nebraska Northwestern Cincinnati Purdue

Breathe easy, the wait is almost over. College football returns next week. That means tailgates, national championship dreams and a search for gameday clothes. Last year Dockers released its first batch of Game Day Khakis. This year the lineup has expanded big time, from 10 schools to 44, including several new schools from the Midwest. For more and more people, there’s less and less of an excuse to not dress well on gameday. Continue reading

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Taylor Stitch Blue Everyday Oxford Jack

Taylor Stitch Blue Everyday Oxford Jack

Honestly, oxfords have been a bit off my radar recently. I’ve found several I love that I’ve stuck with over the past couple of years. They’re go-to’s that work with anything and any situation. It may be time to add a new blue one into the mix and take some pressure off my old stand by. The Blue Everyday Oxford Jack from Taylor Stitch is making a strong case for being that new addition. Continue reading

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