Chubbies The Freedoms

Chubbies Freedom Swimtrunks Swim Trunks

Hopefully yesterday’s dusting of snow was the last of it until next winter. The weekend gave us a glimpse of warm weather and firmly planted dreams of summer on the lakeshore in my head. There’s nothing quite like summer on the water, whether it’s a little lake in the middle of nowhere or the Lake. If you’re spending the summer by the water, you better plan to be in the water as well, and, for that, you’ll need a swimsuit. Not just any swimsuit, though. Rather, one that sneaks up with its subtlety and then, like a tiger leaping from the jungle, imparts a hidden dose of patriotism fit for Rocky himself.  Continue reading

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Streaker Sports 1960 Forgotten Miracle Shorts

Streaker Sports 1960 Forgotten Miracle Shorts USA Hockey Olympics

Grant over at Streaker Sports pretty much knows exactly how to take my money. At this point I just need to hand him a large sum of cash and have him send one of each new short that comes out. The 1980 Miracle, 1984 City of Angels, 1912 Thorpe, and 1978 Indianapolis Racer shorts are in constant rotation for me. It’s not going to be too long before the just released 1960 Forgotten Miracle Shorts join them.  Continue reading

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Blast From the Past: Shinola Runwell Watch

Shinola Runwell Watch Blue Leather

I’ve been thinking about Detroit a lot lately. I suppose it began when I finally got around to watching Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown episode on the city. I was captivated by the people who aren’t willing to just let Detroit shrivel up and die. They want to see it rise from the ashes, to come back stronger than ever. Shinola fits that mold. Almost a year ago I ran the below story on its newly released Detroit-made watches. Since then the company has experienced tremendous growth, in reputation, publicity and product offerings. The Runwell now comes in chrono and women’s styles and in myriad colors with as many choices for bands. And, best of all, they’re actually available to purchase right now, unlike when this post ran last year. Continue reading

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Against the Grain: A Tour of Bell’s Brewery

Bell's Brewery Entrance Beer

It all started with an amber ale. Actually let’s back up a couple of years. That amber ale came in 1985, the result of a batch brewed in a 15 gallon soup pot, but our story really begins in 1980, when Larry Bell started working in a Kalamazoo bakery. Working with grains day in and day out sparked an interest in brewing in the Chicago native. By 1983, Bell had opened his eponymous brewery, which, in reality, was actually a homebrew shop. Two years later, Bell was brewing and selling his own beer. Continue reading

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Bedford & Broome Hooper Bow Tie

Bedford & Broome Hooper Bow Tie Plaid Cotton

Awhile back I ran a post on a bow tie brand, Everett, I hadn’t heard of but was turning out bow ties that were an exception to the rule. It’s funny how quickly things can change. Last week I received an email from James at Everett explaining that Everett was becoming Bedford & Broome. Same quality, same handmade in New York sensibilities, just a new name and a focus on creating products for the multi-faceted wardrobe. A great way to reintroduce everyone to the brand is through the Hooper Bow Tie. Continue reading

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The Field Guide: Babe Ruth Has A Message For You

Field Guide Message

The Field Guide is a new weekly feature highlighting some of the best reads and news across the internet.  Stop by every Thursday for a round up of what’s relevant that week.  Continue reading

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Johnnie-O Masters Giveaway

Johnnie-O Giveaway

Ah, the Masters. The azaleas are in bloom, the pimento cheese sandwiches are still ridiculously cheap and the winner gets a green jacket. The Masters marks the beginning of golf season in the Midwest, too. It’s finally warm enough to play a round. Johnnie-O wants to make sure you’re playing in style this year with a green jacket polo of your own (or any color plus a hat and shorts). Continue reading

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Category 5 Flash Sale

Category 5 Blackheath Leather Driving Moccasin

Category 5 cut down the nets earlier this week and now wants to thank everyone who propelled them to victory in the Brand Bracket with a flash sale. The sale lasts from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. today. Use the code GREATLAKES to get 30% off their new drivers (profiled here). Don’t worry, even if you didn’t vote for Category 5, you can still take part in its victory celebration.

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Beltology Big Ron Belt

Beltology The Big Ron Burgundy Cotton Woven Belt

Gone are the days of being confined to simple, muted belts that match the dreariness of winter. Spring brings with it a veritable array of styles to choose from – ribbons, needlepoint and more. One style I’ll be adding a few more of is the woven belt. The style can still hold its own at the office but is far less dressy and shows off more personality than a leather belt. Beltology is a new brand specializing in the woven belt and the team sent me its Big Ron Belt to try out. Continue reading

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Kickstart: Gekks Sockless Liners

Gekks Sockless Liners Loafers Boat Shoes

It’s only fitting to talk boat shoes today since Category 5 won the Brand Bracket. One of the major drawbacks of boat shoes is that they can become quite smelly rather quickly due to wearing them without socks. There are some alternatives that give the impression of the sockless look but they all have their drawbacks. Low cut loafer socks can still show and ultra low cut loafer socks have trouble staying on your feet. And who really wants to pour powder in their shoes? That’s where Gekks Sockless Liners come in. Continue reading

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