Sanborn Canoe Co. Mackinac Canoe Paddle

Sanborn Canoe Mackinac Paddle

With over 10,000 lakes, a canoe paddle sure comes in handy when in Minnesota. Good thing Sanborn Canoe Company has you covered. The Winona-based company crafts some of the most beautiful canoe paddles in the world just a couple hours outside the Twin Cities. This past June I found myself to be the lucky owner of a Mackinac paddle, an anniversary gift from Mrs. GLP. It now gracefully leans against my closet door, awaiting a proper hanger to take its rightful place on the wall. Continue reading

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Saturday Sip Showdown: Dortmunder Export

Dortmunder Export Lager Beer Two Brothers Dog Days Great Lakes Brewing Gold

The Germans may have invented the Dortmunder Export style but it’s the Americans who have kept it alive. At this point you’re more likely to find one on tap or the shelves of your local bottle shop brewed in the Heartland than one brewed in Dortmund. The style itself originated in the nineteenth century as a response to the rise of pilsner. The style differs slightly from the Czech pilsner by being slightly stronger and less dry. The high concentration of calcium carbonate in Dortmund’s water also lent a sharpness and slightly sulfuric character. Continue reading

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The Periwinkle Co. Country Clubber

The Periwinkle Co Country Clubber Seersucker Bow Tie

Photo credit: Wendy Nielsen photography

I’m not quite sure what they’re putting in all those lakes up in Minnesota. The North Star State, and the Twin Cities in particular, has been at the forefront of the prep movement in the Midwest. No wonder it was the first stop on the Locally Brewed Tour. The Periwinkle Co. is just the latest Minneapolis company to join the scene. Three University of Minnesota students launched the brand last December with an emphasis on bow ties and hair bows. I’ve been on a bit of a green seersucker kick lately so the Country Clubber immediately grabbed my attention. Continue reading

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The Field Guide: Return of the King of Cool

Huckberry Microadventure

The Field Guide is a weekly feature highlighting some of the best reads and news across the internet. ┬áStop by every Thursday for a round up of what’s relevant that week. Continue reading

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Smathers & Branson Needlepoint Flip Flops

Smathers and Branson Old Glory Needlepoint Flip Flops

I’m of the opinion that unless you’re a mile from the water, guys shouldn’t be wearing flip flops. Have you ever looked at your feet? Yeah, they’re not pretty (although Rex Ryan probably disagrees). Still, if you’re not spending a significant part of your summer near the water, you’re doing it wrong. This calls for investing in a good pair of flip flops. Toss those old rubber flip flops you picked up for $5 and upgrade to the Smathers & Branson’s brand new Needlepoint Flip Flops. Continue reading

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Kiel James Patrick Carleton Woodwind Belt

Kiel James Patrick Carleton Woodwind Belt

Summer is the time to play with bright colors and different color combinations. Light blue and yellow is a great example of a colorway that really works but often gets overlooked. It infuses a certain California cool into a product – the Chargers, UCLA and, on occasion, the Lakers have all worn it. Kiel James Patrick makes great use of the color combination with its summery Carleton Woodwind Belt. Continue reading

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Vineyard Vines Shippan Plaid Shirt

Vineyard Vines Shippan Plaid Shirt

The fun shirt is a prep classic, the shirting equivalent of go-to-Hell pants. Multi-colored panels make them a hoot for parties but a bit impractical outside of weekend wear. The Shippan Plaid Shirt from Vineyard Vines reminds me of the fun shirt’s more mature older brother, one that’s a bit more cleaned up and ready for the professional world. Continue reading

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Homage US of A T-Shirt

Homage US of A T-Shirt

Newton’s little known fourth law states that it is literally impossible to have too many USA shirts. Look it up. Great foresight for a man who died 50 years before the American Revolution. You don’t want to be a law breaker, right? Then add the US of A T-Shirt from Homage to your collection. Continue reading

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Saturday Sip: Dark Horse Smells Like A Safety Meeting

Dark Horse Smells Like a Safety Meeting

Cannabis and hops happen to belong to the same family. Ever heard an IPA described as dank? It’s no surprise then that certain beers can smell a lot like a Wiz Khalifa concert. Take for instance the new double IPA from Dark Horse, Smells Like a Safety Meeting. A safety meeting is code for smoking marijuana at work and is an apt way to describe exactly how this beer smells. Continue reading

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hook + ALBERT Picnic in the Park Bow Tie

hook + ALBERT Picnic in the Park Bow Tie Alton Brown

In the battle for celebrity bow tie supremacy, it essentially boils down to a dapper fist fight between Bill Nye and Alton Brown. I’ve got my money on Brown in this one. With his penchant for bow ties, the cooking show host and chef seems like the perfect person for a brand to team up with for a bow tie collaboration. hook + ALBERT knew that when it tapped Brown to help design a collection of four bow ties, including the Picnic in the Park. Continue reading

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