Social Primer Blue Gingham + Spring Floral Reversible Bow Tie

Social Primer Blue Gingham Spring Floral Bow Tie

Social Primer is not afraid to take chances. Its reversible bow ties are evidence of that. The brand was making them before they were cool. K. Cooper Ray has figured out how to take these already out there bow ties and ratchet them up another level. With several new bow ties joining the lineup this spring, it’s the Blue Gingham + Spring Floral Reversible Bow Tie that’s really set itself apart from the rest. Continue reading

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Style Icon: Tom Haverford

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation ended Tuesday night, and as much of a fan as I was of The Office, I’m far sadder to see Parks and Rec go. It started off a bit slow and the first season nearly lost me, but as soon as it moved beyond trying to be The Office: Government Edition, it became one of my favorite shows on television. Seriously, if you only ever made it partway through the first season, just get through it and I promise it will be worth it. It’s frankly a shame what was done to the show in its final season, cutting it to only 13 episodes and condensing those into just over a month. Continue reading

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Strong Boalt Alexander Polo Giveaway

Strong Boalt Alexander Polo

There’s one article of clothing nearly as important as swim trunks during warmer weather, the polo. It’s the one short sleeve option that remains slightly dressy but still casual. It’s essential for the tennis court and the golf course. Strong Boalt makes it easy for you to find both. In fact, it’s making it even easier by giving away a navy Alexander Polo to one lucky winner. Continue reading

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Chubbies The Conch Fritters

Chubbies The Conch Fritters Swim Trunks

I spent the last few days in Daytona Beach, celebrating a fraternity brother’s bachelor party, attending the race and generally just enjoying a welcome break from subzero temperatures and snow. It was gorgeous. The sky was out, which could only mean one thing. The thighs were out as well. While down there I enjoyed fried fish, fried shrimp and oysters, but one thing I missed out on were some Conch Fritters. Continue reading

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Flyover Press North T-Shirt

Flyover Press North T-Shirt

I remember when I first crossed it, that invisible line that demarcates the North from everywhere else. Not the Mason-Dixon, not that North. I mean the North, the subset of that region above 39°43′ where the lakes are abundant, the wheat replaces the corn and the cabins are abundant. I was travelling along I-94, somewhere north of the Dells, on my way to Minneapolis for the Twin Cities Locally Brewed event. Suddenly I noticed that almost all the trees were evergreens. The deciduous trees I had grown up with were forced into the minority. Instantly I knew I had left one part of the country and entered another. Continue reading

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Saturday Sip Showdown: Russian Imperial Stout

Russian Imperial Stout Beer Founders Leinenkugel Big Eddy Bell's Expedition Thirsty Dog Siberian Night Two Brothers Northwind

The Russian imperial stout, winter’s answer to the double IPA. It’s the big huge beer that gets all of the press. One of the most coveted styles, it’s the jewel of the brewery’s winter lineup. The style grew out of the Russian royalties preference for the strongest British stouts. Legend has it that Catherine the Great loved absolutely loved the potent stout London’s Anchor Brewery sent over in the 1760’s. The style is massive, dark with roasted malt, chocolate and a blast of bitterness to boot. All that malt results in an ABV higher than the Chicago skyline. Continue reading

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General Knot & Co. 1950s Crimson Double Dot Reversible Diamond Point

General Knot & Co. 1950s Crimson Double Dot Reversible Diamond Point Bow Tie

Some dots you don’t want. Like measles. Apparently the anti-vaccination nutcases have taken crazy to a whole new level by suggesting measles parties. (It should be noted that there are no reports of these actually happening, yet). Those dots are nasty and you want to stay as far away from them as possible. The dots on General Knot & Co.’s new bow tie? I wouldn’t mind being “infected” with those. Continue reading

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Warby Parker Ormsby Sunglasses

Warby Parker Ormsby Sunglasses

Things are so bright for Warby Parker the company may want to consider wearing its own sunglasses just to see. The company is fresh off of being named Fast Company’s most innovative company and has become the go-to term to describe any business shaking up the traditional models. The Warby Parker of mattresses. The Warby Parker of jeans. The Warby Parker of hearing aids. This is territory once occupied by Michael Jordan. Continue reading

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The Field Guide: Give Tired Misconceptions the Boot

The Field Guide is a weekly feature highlighting some of the best reads and news across the internet.  Stop by every Wednesday for a round up of what’s relevant that week. Continue reading

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Woolrich® for Boast Blanket

Woolrich for Boast Plaid Blanket

Winter’s icy grip has most of the country in its clutches. Nasty ice down south, massive snow out east and sub-zero temperatures across the Midwest. It’s days like these where a fire is nice, some whiskey is better and a blanket is best. Curl up beneath the Woolrich® for Boast Blanket and stay warm. Continue reading

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