Why the name Great Lakes Prep? Well, in reality, the meaning can be taken two ways.  The obvious is that this blog deals with and espouses preppy fashion.  But the name also means so much more.  This blog is meant to also be a guide for exploring the Great Lakes region, to properly prepare you for your journeys and adventures in the Great Lakes.

Great Lakes Prep is a lifestyle guide for those of us living in the Midwest, or really anywhere, that prescribe to a preppy style.  Great Lakes Prep showcases clothing from some of the most respected brands that exemplify the style.  Whether you’re new to this style or you already follow this way of life, Great Lakes Prep will help you add a little preppy flavor to your life and introduce you to some new brands you may have never heard of before.  The site also discusses certain other aspects of our area that make the Midwest great, including cuisine, events and destinations, among other things.  Use it as a source for when you visit other areas of the country or want to check out something in your own hometown that you had never tried before.

I was born and raised in Northern Indiana before moving to Indianapolis to attend college at Butler University.  When I was younger I always thought I would move away, preferably to the coast.  But a funny thing happened.  As I got older, I came to love where I’m from and couldn’t imagine leaving.  Sure, it’s nice to get away every once in awhile but our lakes, our fields, our houses are always calling us back home.


Feel free to e-mail me with comments, suggestions for products to review or just to say hello at nyoder88@gmail.com.

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Full Disclosure

According to the FTC, we are required to inform you when we write about a product or service that we have been given free of charge to review.  There are no guarantees that these reviews will be positive.  If there’s something we don’t like about the product or service we’ll let you know.  Doing otherwise would only damage our credibility.

We also offer advertising on the blog and belong to the LinkShare affiliate program.  We are very selective as to who we decide to partner with and only work with companies that we believe are a good fit.  Due to our participation in the affiliate program, we receive a small commission when certain links are clicked and purchases are made.  These links are only used on products that would otherwise be featured, regardless of whether they were part of an affiliate program or not.

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  1. It’s lovely seeing another prep from the area! All good wishes to you on the new endeavor, it looks wonderful.


    Thanks so much for the props. The socks are poised to rock the U.S. Open! Have a great weekend. If you’re ever in Sock Country (Greenville, SC), we’d love to show you the sights. Great socks=great game

  3. Thanks for the post! We’re honored to be recognized by your followers in the Midwest. Thanks for your dedication to this industry and for recognizing new, emerging companies. Oh, and we’ve got a little surprise coming your way. All the best!

  4. Love what you guys are doing here. If you are ever looking for a pair of Custom Boat Shoes with your logo let us know.

  5. Chesapeake says:

    Any thoughts on the growth of lacrosse in the Mid-West? With Maryland and Rutgers joining the Big Ten, it’s on the upswing and undeniably prep.

    • Nick says:

      I’m not too familiar with other states but I know that probably 7 or 8 years ago it was starting to pick up in Indiana and several high schools were adding it. It was club level at the time and I believe it’s still not a varsity sport but I imagine that will change soon enough. I’m all for it, never played before but I imagine I’d enjoy it.

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