Askov Finlayson for Target

It’s a pretty good time to live in Minnesota. The Vikings are heading to the NFC Championship, the Super Bowl arrives in a few weeks (having lived through one in Indy, soak up as much as you can), the beer scene is incredible and Askov Finlayson just paired up with Target for an exclusive collection. 

Target has a history of partnering with in-demand brands and this one makes so much sense, considering both Target and Askov Finlayson are headquartered in Minnesota. The collection takes Askov Finlayson’s “North” motif and lends it to a variety of items ranging from hats and sweatshirts to mugs and a snow tube. It’s awesome to see the “North” being made accessible to the masses. The collection is available in person in select Minnesota stores but we can all take advantage of the online shop. So it turns out life’s pretty good even for those of us not in Minnesota.

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