Askov Finlayson North Tee

It’s always cool to see brands I follow make appearances on television, especially when it’s the smaller brands that almost certainly aren’t paying for product placement. I was watching Andrew Zimmern explore the Upper Peninsula a couple weeks ago on Bizarre Foods when I spotted a familiar sight perched atop his head, an Askov Finlayson North Hat. It was a perfect fit, given Andrew’s connection to Askov Finlayson’s Minnesota home as well as the show’s filming location in almost the definition of the US North.

The North Hat is not the only article of clothing in Askov Finlayson’s Keep the North Cold line. There are plenty of other options for times when the North isn’t as cold, like the North Tee. This gray jersey cotton t-shirt is constructed in our neighbor to the north, Canada, and features Askov Finlayson’s snowflake insignia in place of the “o”. It’s an ideal shirt for spring baseball games at Target Field, summers by the lake and the crunch of the first leaves of fall, while constantly serving as a reminder that while we may complain about it six months out of the year, the cold and the snow are what help define our region.

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