Austen Heller Peytons

After last night’s Super Bowl it seems a little disrespectful to feature a shoe called the Peyton. Brady and Manning were rivals for over a decade and perhaps the only shoe name to write about the day after that could be more awkward would be the Goodells. Most of last night’s game was a loafer (pun intended) until Kyle Shanahan checked out for San Francisco with about four minutes left and made the Seahawks look like geniuses two years ago.

The Peytons are a burnt orange suede loafer from Austen Heller. It features black rubber soles for a sharp look and extra traction. The inside is lined with soft calfskin for comfort. Their classic loafer shape makes them an every day staple while the burnt orange is a bit unexpected while still staying fairly restrained. Like if Shanahan would have just taken a knee three times and kicked a field goal, unexpected, just slightly unorthodox and the absolute right move.

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