Best Made Co. Canvas Field Pant

I’ve always found the look of khaki pants to be a great one for adventuring. Perhaps it’s how they look next to the vibrant greens of forests or the deep blues of a mountain lake. There’s just something about them that looks good. But you can’t just wear any pair of khakis out into the wilderness. Though they really serve only one purpose, the Canvas Field Pants from Best Made Co. may be a worthy investment.

These are not khakis you’re going to be wearing into the office. They are purpose built for taking a beating in the outdoors. The Japanese Oxford canvas used to construct them resists snags and abrasions. Patch reinforcements on the knees and a reinforced seat ensure against any untimely blowouts while rivets and double stitching add another layer of durability. Sure these are meant for one thing, but it may be that rigidity that forces you out into the fresh air to make the most of them.

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