Bird Dog Bay American Labs Bow Tie

When I visited Bird Dog Bay back in 2014, the brand was manufacturing all of its bow ties overseas. The reasoning was that the quality of the printing was not nearly as good in the US as it was in China. In the meantime Bird Dog Bay has been on the hunt for artisans in the US that could match the quality and had found several for other parts of the business. Three years later they have finally found a domestic bow tie manufacturer that convinced them to bring production home, resulting in a new batch of homemade bow ties, including the American Labs Bow Tie.

The American Labs Bow Tie is adorned with Old Glory-carrying labradors, patriotically posing on either a red or blue background. Like all Bird Dog Bay bow ties, it features a fastener next to the hardware slide, allowing it to be tied and unhooked. That comes particularly in handy for those not quite adept at tying a bow tie yet. The bows are hand printed on silk and constructed by hand in the USA, like any flag-waving bow tie should be. It’s refreshing when a brand focuses on quality independent of origin, but when the quality in the US can match or exceed that of elsewhere, it’s always great to see that brand bring production back home.

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