Bonobos Lightweight Chambray Shirt

Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods wasn’t the only shocking move made last week. Buried beneath all that hype was Walmart’s seemingly random purchase of Bonobos. It was shocking to say the least (at least if you hadn’t heard the rumors it was happening a little while ago). There don’t seem to be two brands more dissimilar than the two, especially in terms of style. 

Of course Walmart has been making plays in the digital space lately, with a purchase of, and Bonobos seems to fit that play perfectly. The glass half-full look envisions the quality and design of the clothes to stay the same or even increase while freeing up more capital to invest in more Guideshops or allow the brand to get a little more aggressive on price. As prices have been slowly creeping up, that latter would be a welcome change.

But that’s all in the future. Let’s concentrate on the present and the myriad worthy options for purchase currently. The Lightweight Chambray Shirt caught my eye immediately because it does something few chambray shirts do, present itself in plaid. Most chambray shirts stick with the denim look, so the decision to embrace a plaid pattern while maintaining the softness and charm of the fabric is exciting. It allows for more opportunities to wear the fabric and its lighter weight makes it perfect for the summer, while also allowing it to bridge into spring and fall. The Lightweight Chambray Shirt comes in three different patterns, each ideal for a weekend of visiting breweries and the beach. It’s these non-traditional approaches that I hope Bonobos retains as it enters a new era.

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