Castaway Clothing Island Madras Chase Shirt

Back in the days before Madras became known as Chennai, the eponymous fabric of the city was still woven using hand looms. But even while madras tends to hearken back to a time where craftsmanship was prized, the truth is that most “madras” fabric today is made in factories using machines. When the team at Castaway Clothing approached the Original Madras Trading Co. to source fabric for a line of madras shirts, they wanted to do something a little different and reach back into history.

The result is a line of madras shirts that were all hand loomed in Chennai by artisans who still retained the traditional practice. The madras differs in feel with a texture that can’t be achieved with machines. The shirts are lightweight and perfect for the summer heat, while the colors will look great next to the water. My personal favorite is the Island Madras but I wouldn’t mind filling my closet with one of each pattern. Once again we can thank the brand that kept Nantucket Reds alive for reinvigorating another tradition.

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