Chubbies Flat Front Fleets

Chubbies has always been a brand dedicated to maximizing fun. The wild designs, the short inseam and the clever marketing are all the evidence you need. The elastic waistband was further proof. But all of that fun tended to relegate the shorts to the most casual of situations. And while shorts are never going to be formal, the new Flat Front Fleets are a step towards a more serious Chubbies.

There is one main difference between the Flat Front Fleets and the regular iteration, the waistband. The elastic has been swapped out for a classic non-elastic waistband, which suddenly makes these shorts more appropriate for situations that are a bit more formal but still allow shorts. Threading a belt through the loops on the classic Chubbies was always a difficult proposition, so it’s welcome to see the belt loops are slightly larger on the non-elastic versions. The non-elastic waist version also comes in 7″ and the nearly-blasphemous 9″, both of which are a bit more conservative and, thus, a bit more versatile.

Is this a sign that Chubbies is growing up and the party days are behind it? Not likely. But as its core customers age, this is a step towards adapting and providing more options that work for new situations.

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