Chubbies Shorts

Chubbies The Legend Shorts

Ever since I first saw Caroline at Back Down South tweeting about a brand called Chubbies, I’ve been hooked.  There’s nothing short about most shorts today and far too many more closely resemble a pair of capris.  Chubbies is looking to change that and instill an awesome sense of rad into the shorts game.  They’re short, they’re high quality, they’re American made and they’re affordable ($49.50).

Now I’m not usually one for short inseams.  I’m tall, so a 9″ inseam on my legs is pretty respectable.  I’ve even ventured into 7″ territory.  While the official inseam isn’t listed on the site, I’d venture to guess Chubbies are right around 5″ and they are quickly convincing me to take the plunge.  Attention is paid to detail at every step in the manufacturing process.  The fabric is top-of-the-line and soft-to-the-touch and then made even softer by giving them a good pounding by washing them with rocks.  They even pay close attention and put thought into the zippers, pockets and buttons.  All of this is put together domestically in California and then shipped out for Chubsters to enjoy.

There are currently two different collections available right now: The Classics and Remember the 80’s.  The Classics are just that, classic colors like white, brick red and seafoam green.  Remember the 80’s is full of neon awesomeness with names referencing 80’s icons.  I’m sure if Chubbies had been around in the 80’s, Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck would have been regular customers.

But it’s not enough to just have a great product.  The guys at Chubbies have taken it even further and developed a great brand.  The web site is full of entertaining copy and the blog is a must read.  There’s even a list of facts pertaining to what Chubbies will do for you.  It all adds up to to an experience that is sure to make loyal customers out of anyone who purchases a pair of Chubbies.

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