Chubbies The Dashers

Who says that sweaters should have all the fun? We should be having Ugly Christmas Shorts parties as well. And if you actually happen to be going to one, Chubbies has a complete line up ready to satisfy all your needs. And if you’re still going to the traditional sweater variety, The Dashers are going to be the perfect complement to your Rudolph with a light up nose sweater.

The Dashers are essentially Fair Isle corduroy for your legs. The cords give the shorts a season-appropriate fabric, even if there’s nothing particularly seasonal appropriate about shorts in the winter. Moose, axes and trees join geometric patterns for a festive pair of shorts. They’re even subtle enough by Ugly Christmas standards to be worn outside of parties on occasion. Sure your thighs might be a little cold, but that’s what whiskey and hot chocolate are good for.

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