Chubbies The Home for the Holidays

While I love a piece of clothing specifically embroidered for a holiday, I also hate that it’s relegated to one or two days a year. It seems like such a waste to shell out money for that few of wears. It’s a poor return on investment to say the least. Thankfully Chubbies has addressed this problem with it’s The Home for the Holidays Shorts

The Home for the Holidays are a pair of reversible shorts with one side Thanksgiving-ready and the other Christmas-approved. Is that a turkey ready to chow down, a cornucopia and a football on an orange background. It sure is. Flip the shorts inside out and Santa doing keg stands with a reindeer reveals itself on a green canvas.

Granted there aren’t a ton of places where shorts can comfortably be worn in November and December but these at least deserve a shout out for solving a problem. Even if doubling the amount of wearings holiday attire technically only means an additional one or two wears.

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