Chubbies Three Commas Shorts

Chubbies Shorts Inseam Koozie

My first pair of Chubbies came in yesterday.  For my initial plunge I went with the seafoam green Three Commas ($49.50).  Shipped from California on Friday, they arrived at my doorstep faster than you can say “Boomshakalaka!”  That means I can now answer a few questions that have been plaguing readers ever since Chubbies first appeared on these pages almost two months ago.

What is the inseam length?

This has been by far one of the most searched for terms bringing traffic to the site over the past few months.  It seems that everyone realizes Chubbies are short but they want to know how short.  The answer – 5.5 inches.  That leaves them hitting more or less around midthigh, about 5 inches above the top of my knee (I wear a 34 inch inseam on my pants).

Do Chubbies have belt loops?

This question came up before the Kentucky Derby and it was confirmed that they indeed do.  Having the shorts in hand has allowed me to get a closer look.  They are a little smaller than most belt loops but can handle a belt up to approximately 1.25 inches wide.  I tried them with a Tucker Blair needlepoint belt and a Chicago Belt Co. ribbon belt and both fit through just fine.

Chubbies Short Belt Loop

Evidence of those belt loops

Are Chubbies facts really true?

I can neither confirm nor deny The Facts.  I can tell you that wearing Chubbies will dramatically increase your confidence.  In this day and age you’re going to have to be confident to wear 5 inch inseams when nearly everyone else is wearing at least double that.

Does wearing Chubbies cause beautiful women to instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano?

I haven’t tested them in the wild yet but I have a good feeling they’ll have the ladies saying, “Geez, look at the butt on that.”  My wife is a fan of shorts so I can legitimately say that 100% of women I have spoken with so far endorse Chubbies.

Are power lunges the most effective exercise to get my legs Chubbie-ready?

Power lunges are excellent for the quads and the glutes but I believe a well-rounded look is best and throw plenty of hamstring curls and calf raises in for good measure.

If the sky’s out, should my thighs really be out?

Yes, a resounding yes!

Be sure to check out the Chubbies Rites of Passage on their blog and get your photos in.

Chubbies Shorts Pocket Detail

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  1. rainer says:

    thanks for the great write-up! Make sure to take a stab at the Rites of Passage.

  2. Jess says:

    Fantastic review, Nick. Thanks for sharing!

  3. mbehrens1990 says:

    You’re making me wish mine were here more than ever – if that was possible.

  4. ryan says:

    the real question is…when mine get here…will my boxers be longer than my chubbies??

  5. Chance says:

    Does anyone know if Chubbies are able to be swim wear?

  6. Kevin says:

    What size did you get? I’m assuming the large?

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