Collared Greens Classic 9″ Shorts

These pages have been a bit quiet lately. A combination of work, visiting family, an almost two-year-old and a newborn (plus a healthy does of Master of None) have conspired to zap most of my time the past couple weeks. Hopefully now that some of those factors have slowed down I’ll get back to being a bit more consistent, but if you don’t hear from me for stretches of time, just know it’s because I’m now changing double the diapers.

Another brand we haven’t heard from in awhile is Collared Greens. Bow Tie Fridays have become somewhat few and far between here and bow ties have always been in Collared Greens’ wheelhouse. The brand has expanded far beyond bow ties at this point, though, as evidenced by the Classic 9″ Shorts.

These shorts are constructed from lightweight cotton for a breezy, comfortable summer fit. A simple, pared-down design keeps these on the formal side as shorts go and the 9″ inseam is the right length for occasions that allow shorts but still need to be on the dressier side. Four color choices ensure a rotating stable for the entire summer. And the best part about these shorts is that they are made right here in the USA. That’s enough to have them in strong consideration for Independence Day regalia, which hopefully won’t be the next time you hear from me.

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