General Knot & Co. 1950s Salmon Herringbone Belt

General Knot & Co. 1950s Salmon Herringbone Belt

General Knot & Co. has spent the last five years making magic by repurposing vintage fabrics into new articles of clothing. It started with ties and bow ties, a logical first step to make. Now there’s everything from pocket squares to dopp kits to belts. And while you may not have a need for a tie every day, there’s very few where you won’t be wearing a belt. That’s why the 1950s Salmon Herringbone Belt should be encompassing your waist this winter.

A belt is an ideal way to inject a little pop of color into the drab neutrals of winter. It’s minimal enough that it doesn’t become too obnoxious or out of place. The 1950’s era wool herringbone fabric is just the right shade of salmon to spice things up without going overboard. The wool adds heft and texture that allows it to stand up to the heavier fabrics of winter as well. Rich chocolate vegetable tanned leather is used for the tabs and the belt is finished off with a brass buckle. It’s a waste-not solution for your waist, a beautiful vintage fabric reimagined as your next belt.

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