Grayers Stripe Double Knit Crew

I’ve mentioned previously that I’ll often receive catalogs from brands I’ve never covered nor heard of. Generally these brands at least catch my eye and must have done a little research into what I cover because they tend to be relevant and occasionally I’ll even be intrigued enough to write about one. That’s the case with Grayers, a brand that apparently has a long, rich history but had managed to stay off my radar until now. Perhaps my favorite piece in the latest catalog is the Stripe Double Knit Crew.

With the Stripe Double Knit Crew, Greyers takes the sweatshirt to a level it is usually not seen at. Consider this a grown up version of the sweatshirt with more in common with a cashmere sweater than your beat up college sweatshirt. The sweatshirt is knit with heather slub yarns in a thin stripe and backed with an oatmeal heather inner layer. The ribbed “V” notch at the neck is about the only detail giving away that this is a sweater and not a sweatshirt. With its grown up looks it can be layered under a blazer as easily as it can be worn on its own. It’s products like these that keep me opening catalogs when they come my way.

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