Great Lakes Clothing Co. Bottle Opener

Great Lakes Bottle Opener Boat

I have bottle openers spread conveniently throughout the house. There are two magnetic ones on the minifridge downstairs, one a souvenir from when my in-laws visited Italy and the other a cheap one procured in Las Vegas when we realized no one had brought one. There’s one that more or less stays in the room where I do all of my Saturday Sip photos. There’s a random one in the kitchen drawer that I have absolutely no clue how it was acquired. Despite all these I’ve never had a suitable, go-anywhere bottle opener that I can easily travel with and that also looks good.

Great Lakes Clothing Co. remedied that with its Bottle Opener. The graciously provided free review opener arrived just a few days before I headed to the lake house for the week. That would be the perfect proving ground for the new opener.

Upon unboxing the opener, it’s lakeside worthy aesthetic caught my eye. The oak opener, with its end painted blue and sailing rope attached to the end, reminded me of the key fobs found on boats. The opener actually doubles for this purpose, as it too floats.

Great Lakes Bottle Opener Collage

While aesthetically the bottle opener was one of the most pleasing to the eye I’d ever seen, the real test would be whether it actually worked. A curved notch is cut out of the underside, perfect for inserting the cap. A small metal disc slightly overhangs the edge and does the work of prying off the top. It’s easy to use, works every time, and, as a bonus, keeps the caps relatively unscarred, preserving them for future use in bottle cap tables, bar tops or the like.

I had completely forgotten about the magnet embedded in the opener, until after popping the top of the first beer I realized that the cap was still stuck to the opener. Besides coming in handy, especially on a boat where you don’t want caps flying all over the place, it can also be quite fun to play with the caps and the magnet.

Great Lakes Bottle Opener Magnet

Few bottle openers match this one from Great Lakes Clothing Co. in terms of looks. Even fewer match it in ease of use and convenience. It’s easy to pack and its shape makes it easy to locate in a cramped duffel bag. It fits right in on the lake but can also bring a little of the lake life to dry land.

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