Great Lakes Clothing Co. Highland Plaid

As we begin a new year, I’ll once again be doubling down on espousing all the good that comes out of the Midwest. Of the batch of upstarts that sprouted within the past few years, Great Lakes Clothing Co. is one of the few to still survive and thrive to this day. The brand still focuses heavily on its casual t-shirts and sweatshirts but has been adding other elements in limited production as well. This includes a pair of plaid button downs, the Highland and the Bayfield. And while both are great, the Highland is the winner in my eyes.

The Highland features a unique blend of cotton and linen for durability and softness. That combination comes as a bit of a surprise, with linen being more associated with hot summer days, but the two give the shirt the appearance of a winter classic. The dark green and navy plaid is a quintessential winter pairing and the loon logo is a perfect Midwestern touch. Perhaps a little too casual for the office, it’s still the perfect after hours or weekend shirt. The only problem? This Chicago-manufactured beauty is a limited run, one that Great Lakes says it won’t be restocking, and there are only smalls left. If you’re lucky enough to wear a small, jump on the chance now. Otherwise just hope that Great Lakes decides to bring this shirt back next winter.

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