Great Lakes Vintage Boat Long Sleeve

Long sleeve tees are going to come in handy mighty soon. This heat wave interrupted what was already an introduction to the cool mornings and evenings about to greet us on a daily basis. And while a lake-themed print might not be your first inclination for fall, in the Midwest the lake is a four-season destination. That makes the Vintage Boat Long Sleeve from Great Lakes a go to over the next few weeks. 

The Vintage Boat Long Sleeve is part of Great Lakes’ Sunwashed Tee collection. The cotton  long sleeve is the recipient of a unique washing process that results in an ultra soft t-shirt and sun-faded colors. The shirt features a classic motorboat you still might find cutting through the water on the back. The front is festooned with the Great Lakes loon logo on the chest pocket. Seafoam may be a bit more at home in the spring and summer but there’s no rule against it in the fall. When you’re trying to stay warm, all that really matters is comfort. Good looks are just a bonus.


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