Guest Post: Prep in the Midwest

I was delighted when Nick generously agreed to switch blogs with me for the day. While he’s taking over Prep in the Midwest, showing you the sights of Indianapolis, I’m going to be outlining some of my favorite brands and trends.

I have a few brands and items I’ve been obsessing over of late.

I know a clutch is sometimes impractical, especially when you’re looking to head out for a night on the town and are likely to have to judge an adult beverage with that beautiful purse. HOWEVER, these sophisticated clutches (GLP also highlighted these here) by the Tipsy Skipper  provide not only ample space for your necessities but are stylish enough that any number of gentleman will see you are stylish and shouldn’t be holding, much less purchasing your own drinks.

Tipsy Skipper Clutch

On top of this, they have matching BALLET FLATS, perfect to pair with the clutch during a trip around the city.

Tipsy Skipper Clutch

The clutches are great to give to friends/bridesmaids as they can be personalized with a monogram, thus allowing everyone to enjoy the awesome prints while still knowing who’s bag is who’s.

Tipsy Skipper Clutch

You can find these items and more at Kearsley, the owner and designer, has also generously offered a 10% discount on all purchases for the holidays when you use the code: PrepXmas

I’m a sucker for old companies, especially those that have an incredible family history, like that of the William J. Mills Company.  This company has an interesting background, as it was originally founded as a sail making business, but as a way to keep the seamstresses busy during the winter, had them make tote bags:

 William J Mills Bag

This ‘Flight Bag’ is perfect for carrying your books to class or your laptop. I prefer shorter straps when it comes to carrying heavier items. It feels like my arms help and it doesn’t weigh down my shoulders as much. Plus, this material is super sturdy and can hold a ton!

 Minnetonka Mocassins

For the last couple years Sperry Topsiders have controlled the comfort/casual shoe market for both men & women. I, myself, am currently rocking my winterized version with the fur inside. However, a growing trend is moccasins. You can get the above pair from Zappos for an extremely reasonable price. These traditional shoes offer a solid grip, comfort, and a unique (and still casual) vibe. Not being your traditional preppy accessory, they can sometimes be overlooked. But every preppy knows, sometimes you just have to ‘Make it Work’ (thanks Tim Gunn). Preppies are nothing, if not resourceful. And we LOVE to put our monograms on EVERYTHING!

Carly from College Prepster created the ones below:

Overall, I’m all about the accessories, if you couldn’t tell from the items shown above. I feel like as much as your outfit matters, it’s just a canvas. Anyone can wear a Lilly Pulitzer dress or Ralph Lauren Oxford with Khaki’s and call it fashion… it’s how you carry yourself AND what you pair with it that makes it ‘Preppy’.

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