High Cotton Freshly Squeezed Bow Tie


I’m probably about three months late on the Freshly Squeezed Bow Tie from High Cotton. This is a quintessential summer bow tie and would have been perfect to pick up at the start of June. But I’ve always felt that rules don’t really apply to bow ties and your choice of color shouldn’t be dictated by the seasons. It’s such a small part of the overall picture that a pop of coral isn’t going to look that out of place with tweed. 

This coral check bow tie is made from cotton in the heart of North Carolina. The bright coral splashed across its surface is juicy and refreshing, a tiki drink on a hot summer day. But it also serves to punch up a rather drab outfit in the dead of winter. So while it might get more wear over the summer, there’s no reason you can’t make it work year round.

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