High Cotton Navy Woven Dot Bow Tie

Last night I found myself in downtown Chicago for a work incentive poker tournament. The top three finishers all won a trip to Mexico for the national tournament, so there were certainly some high stakes to play far. Alas I did not finish in the top three, instead bowing out in sixth (out of 24, which is even more impressive since I haven’t played poker in approximately five years). Still, we were all encouraged to dress to the nines, so even though I lost the tournament, my Navy Woven Dot Bow Tie from High Cotton won the night.

The Navy Woven Dot Bow Tie is one of the classiest bow ties that High Cotton makes. Whereas each High Cotton bow tie has its time and place, the Navy Woven Dot works in almost every conceivable situation. Made from imported English fabric woven exclusively for High Cotton, the white dots are woven directly into the navy background. It’s a classic bow tie that will work in all but the most formal occasions. I first discovered it during my Home Try-On preview a few years ago and it has been my equivalent of pocket aces ever since.

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