High Cotton Ties Mint Julep Madras Bow Tie


High Cotton Ties Mint Julep Bow Tie

The origin story of the mint julep may never be known. It was definitely invented in the American South, that much is certain. Which state exactly is unknown. It was probably introduced in the eighteenth century at some point. Senator Henry Clay from Kentucky reportedly introduced it to Washington, D.C. at the Round Robin Bar. Like many cocktails it was first used for medicinal purposes. Doctors back then were pretty awesome.

The origin of the Mint Julep Madras Bow Tie is much more clear. It’s part of the High Cotton Ties Spring 2015 collection and was designed to be perfect for a day at the races, hence it being named for the drink most associated with horse racing. Its madras blend of colors with a heavy reliance on greens and blues couldn’t be more perfect for spring and summer. There’s no doubt this bow tie would fit in at the track but it shouldn’t be confined to it. Sport it at a wedding or get dressed up for a random day of drinking mint juleps on the porch pondering other mysterious origin stories, like how cargo shorts ever became a thing.

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