Homage Rhinegeist Tee

Homage already covers one of my loves, sports. Now it has taken to covering another, beer. Long a champion of the Midwest and, more specifically, Ohio, Homage just released a batch of t-shirts for several Ohio breweries. The set of six covers five breweries and includes one craft beer in general t-shirt. My favorite of the bunch has to be the Rhinegeist Tee, solely because I fell in love with the brewery when I visited last fall.

I already own a gray Rhinegeist t-shirt that almost looks exactly like this one. It was an impulse purchase during my visit, the one time I’ve ever actually bought a t-shirt at a brewery. It’s soft enough for me to not be surprised if I learned that Homage had actually created those t-shirts for the brewery but left its logo off of it.

There’s no mystery here, as this t-shirt is a genuine Homage article. That means it’s top-notch quality with a vintage feel that makes it seem like a t-shirt that could have been a leftover relic from the days when Rhinegeist’s brewery was still the Christian Moerlein bottling plant. So whether you’re a fan of Rhinegeist or another of the breweries highlighted in this initial batch, it’s time to pay homage to Ohio craft beer.

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