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It’s safe to say I got swept up in Cleveland’s run to the championship. It’s by no means the incestuous lovefest the SEC has for each other, but I do always tend to pull for the Midwestern team if I don’t have a dog in the fight. And, as a Cubs fan, I feel for every other team that has a chance to end a historic drought. So I found myself pulling against a team I really did enjoy watching play and had a chance to make history for another team with a shot at history. 

Of course there was never a doubt as to where Homage’s loyalties lay. Cleveland through and through, the Ohio brand even got a lot of its love returned when LeBron wore one of its t-shirts coming off the plane when the Cavaliers returned home. So to celebrate the journey, each day this week Homage will be releasing one limited-edition t-shirt as part of The Collection. First up is a special version of the Just A Kid From Akron Tee in heather black with gold font. It’s a great reminder that these athletes we adore were all just kids somewhere with a dream at one time. It’s proof that greatness can come from anywhere, even a rundown Rust Belt town.

Keep your eyes out each day this week for that day’s new release. Even if you were only a Cleveland fan for a few days, there’s a chance you’ll find something that goes beyond just a few weeks in June.

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  1. Mimi says:

    Yes! Go Cleveland! North East Ohio is home to the boarding prep school I attended in highschool. Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, Ohio. Probably the preppiest place in Ohio

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