How to Dress for: Kansas City Royals Game

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I’ve never been to Kansas City, which is a shame considering I’m a huge barbecue lover. I’ll have to get there sooner or later and in between racks of ribs I’ll be sure to catch a game at Kauffman Stadium. Kauffman is surprisingly the sixth oldest stadium in the major leagues and is a welcome break from the myriad “cookie-cutter” stadiums built during its era. The Water Spectacular fountain and waterfall is one of the greatest features of any stadium.

If you’re going the casual route, I always think it’s great to pay tribute to the team’s and the city’s past. In this case it’s the powder blue of the great 80’s Royals teams with a nod to Kansas City’s previous Major League team, the Athletics. The modern color scheme, with its shift to royal blue, is celebrated in the dressed-up option.

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  1. Woody says:

    Nice outfits. I live in the KC metro area and wish more people would put some thought into Gameday attire (or entire wardrobes for that matter). This city is not exactly known for sartorial style, but our Cue is outstanding!

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