How to Dress for: The Golf Course (Spring Edition)

It seems like there have been a thousand golf-related items I’ve been meaning to post lately and all intentions were to have an entire golf-themed week around the Masters.  But then the Brand Bracket hit, spots for posts starting filling up and the next thing I knew the Masters had come and gone with only one golf post.  Now that things have calmed down (slightly) I’ve rounded up a bunch of items that will be perfect for a spring day on the course.  It’s fitting, too, as it’s only now warming up enough across most of the Midwest for courses to open.  Follow this advice and even if you’re not breaking 100, you’ll at least look like you know what you’re doing.

How to Dress for The Golf Course Spring Southern Tide Atlantic Drift Good Threads Kentwool Allen Edmonds Maide Bonobos

Southern Tide Grand Harbor Sport Polo / Atlantic Drift Tour VisorGood Threads Jhony BeltMaide Highland Pant / Kentwool Bubba “Green” Golf SockAllen Edmonds Legend Golf Shoes

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3 Responses to How to Dress for: The Golf Course (Spring Edition)

  1. AJG says:

    That is a sweet belt!

  2. William Smith says:

    Although a bit pricey this is a pretty sweet belt option

  3. Cody Lewis says:

    That is a nice belt. At my home course (falcon ridge golf course) the club house has plenty of options to choose from but I like the looks you’ve created better. I may need to order a pair of those bright Kentwool Bubba “Green” Golf Socks. Thanks.

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