Hudson Hockey The Windy City

Hudson Hockey Company The Windy City Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Stick

As mentioned in yesterday’s post about the Streaker Sports relaunch, the brand has partnered up with several other makers for its collection of one-of-a-kind products in The Cage. This led to my discovery of several great brands I was not familiar with before. One of those is Hudson Hockey Company. Consider them the Sanborn or the Mitchell Bat Company of hockey sticks, crafting beautifully painted wooden hockey sticks that look great adorning the walls. With a third Stanley Cup in six years under their belts, there’s no more fitting stick to feature than the Blackhawks-inspired Windy City.

Hudson Hockey Company sources the ash wood for its sticks from hockey’s home, Canada. This wood is transformed into an old school hockey stick like the greats used to play with before composite sticks were a thing. The sticks are finished in New York City with a fresh coat of paint in designs mimicking hockey jerseys.

Most unique about the Windy City is that Hudson Hockey Company did not go with the iconic red with white and black stripes of the Blackhawks’ jerseys. Instead it opted for the black, red and gold found on the team’s alternate jerseys, the ones most often seen during the Winter Classic. This is topped off with a touch of green and yellow borrowed from the feathers in the team’s logo. It’s an old school approach for a stick with old school roots.

Update: Hudson Hockey Company has added a Madhouse on Madison Dynasty stick in the iconic red, black and white and topped off with silver to honor three Stanley Cups in six years.

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