Hugh & Crye Atticus

Hugh & Crye Atticus Shirt

I was wearing my Hugh & Crye navy gingham shirt yesterday and was reminded just how perfect the fit is. It’s easily the best fitting off-the-rack shirt I own and it would make perfect sense if I never bought a shirt from another brand again. Once you find a brand that fits right, it makes sense to stick with it and Hugh & Crye fits that bill for me. So the next Hugh & Crye shirt I may be adding is the Atticus

The red, white and blue check pattern falls right in my wheelhouse. In fact I probably have a few too many shirts in that style but it’s one I love. The shirt is made from oxford cloth and features a cutaway collar that allows it to be worn in professional settings. That said the oxford and the check make it readily adaptable for casual situations as well. Hugh & Crye’s innovative sizing makes it easy to find the perfect fit, so when I do order this, I know it’s going to arrive ready to wear.

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2 Responses to Hugh & Crye Atticus

  1. Jeremy says:

    This company has an interesting sizing approach. How does the fit you get with their categories compare to simply getting a dress shirt in say a 15/34? I’m wondering how they could get a better fit than a measured size.

    • Nick says:

      I think it has to do with the fact that your typical sizing assumes that as your arms get longer, your waistline gets wider. You’ll rarely find a 15/36 for instance if you’re tall and skinny. Hugh & Crye accounts for the tall, skinny guy and the short, stocky guy.

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