Hugh & Crye Sequoia Shirt

Hugh & Crye Sequoia Plaid Shirt

Winter and its cold temperatures have lead me to wearing a lot of sweaters lately. With this has come the realization that most sweaters suck in terms of fit, especially if you’re 6’5″ with an athletic build. Want a sweater that’s somewhat trim in the body? The sleeves are only going to reach about 3/4 of the way down your arms and I hope you have abs because you’re going to look like Ezekial Elliott with his half-rolled jersey. Find sleeves that fit and a body that’s the right length and there’s a good chance you could leap off the roof and glide like a flying squirrel with all the excess fabric in the body.

This used to be a huge¬†problem with dress shirts as well. Then Hugh & Crye came along and changed everything with its innovative take on sizing. Man, I wish they would make sweaters. Until then I’ll just be loading up on their dress shirts, like the plaid Sequoia.

The Sequoia comes in a stellar plaid pattern for this time of year. The bark of its namesake tree is represented by the red. The green nails the needles on its branches, the navy the color of the early night sky these towering trees nearly touch. The shirt, with its plaid pattern, has a casual feel amplified by the buttoned chest pocket and a small point collar. The magic is in the variety of fits that take both height and build into account. Most sizes are currently out of stock, so if you need to get your well-fitting plaid fix, you can also browse the Rushmore, Badlands, Acadia and Traveler.

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