J. Crew Plaid Oxford Shirts

J. Crew Penwyn Tartan Oxford Shirt

This past weekend I was at the mall shopping with Mrs. GLP when I discovered some great shirts that will surely be making an appearance in my wardrobe soon.  The oxford cloth button down is a staple in every prep’s wardrobe and plaid is the perfect design for fall.  J. Crew has figured out that you can’t have too much of a good thing and has combined the two to create the Plaid Oxford Shirt ($69.50). 

While we sport OCBD’s on a regular basis due to their supreme comfort and great look, they all tend to be a solid color or striped.  These OCBD’s buck the norm and bring in a variety of fall plaids.  You have a choice of plaids, checks and tartans in blues, greens and reds.  The tailored cut gives these shirts a made-to-measure feel that’s well-fitting without being too tight. Don one of these while curled up with your lady by the fire and you’ll be sure she won’t be able to take her hands or her eyes off you.

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