J.Crew Slim Indian Madras Shirt

J.Crew is currently in turmoil. Sales are slumping. Just yesterday it was reported that 150 jobs were being cut and 100 open positions were not being filled. Frank Muytjens, head of menswear since 2008, was one of the cuts. And this follows the loss of Jenna Lyons just a few weeks ago.

This is not good. We need a healthy J.Crew in the industry. Even if it has been going through a bit of an identity crisis, it’s still one of the best spots for a full wardrobe. It makes great pieces at relatively affordable prices. Much thanks can be given to J.Crew for helping an entire generation dress better.

Because if we lose J.Crew, we lose out on pieces like the Slim Indian Madras Shirt. There are few madras shirts available that blend J.Crew’s unique offering of quality, design and price. This red, white and blue madras is absolutely perfect for the summer, with its patriotic colors fitting in from Memorial Day to Labor Day. For most guys the slim cut is the way to go, as it offers the best fit, but the advantage of J.Crew at this price point is that it also offers a regular cut and a tall cut that helps to accommodate more body types.

Yes, there are brands with better fits or more innovative sizing systems. There are brands with superior quality. There are brands that manufacture in the USA. There are less expensive brands. But there are few brands that can combine strong performances in several categories to fill the niche that J.Crew does. Losing it would be a great loss to us all.

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