J.T. Spencer Anchor Belt

At work it is safe to say that I have established myself as the guy with all the different belts. Apparently it is strange to have more than a simple brown belt to wear every day. I’ve always used belts (and socks during the colder months) to add a little personal flair to my work attire, since breaking out pants in all shades of the rainbow would be frowned upon. With that reputation to uphold, it might be time to grab another belt to add to the rotation and the Anchor Belt from J.T. Spencer is certainly on the short list.

One of the best things about J.T. Spencer belts is that the embroidery has the look and feel of needlepoint while being at least half the price. It’s a step up from ribbon and is more durable as well. The Anchor Belt features a solid, simple design that is also impactful with the contrast of the white anchors on the navy blue background. The rich mahogany leather tabs and solid brass buckle are not just afterthoughts, bringing a level of quality that matches the embroidery. The Anchor Belt isn’t quirky but it’s still sure to be a conversation starter.

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