JT Spencer Harry Caray Belt


Remember when the Cubs winning the World Series was the most shocking thing that had happened in 2016? As strange as it may seem to say, I think the country as a whole needed that. It proved that, with the exception of Cleveland fans, we could all come together under a common cause. It provided hope and, in a way, showed that we are not as divided as we think. It’s that side of humanity that we have to pray wins out. But enough with all of that. After all this is a post about a belt, an unlikely place for such deep thoughts.

To celebrate the World Series, the team over at JT Spencer created the Harry Caray Belt. And despite JT Spencer being a company based in Virginia, this belt is not a simple marketing ploy to take advantage of historical hype. No, JT Spencer’s founder comes from a family of lifelong Cubs fans, giving this belt and championship a special meaning.

Chicago’s iconic W Flag has been stitched on premium cotton and finished with full grain, mahogany leather and a brushed nickel plated brass buckle. The colors of the flag are reversed, which can be overlooked given that a mostly white belt isn’t exactly the most practical. And it’s all proudly made in the USA. To many that W has been a symbol of hope for years. And, for a wide swath of the population, it’s a reminder that even if the tough times last 108 years, there’s a glorious victory awaiting.

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