KENTWOOL 19th Hole Collection Socks

Kentwool Polka Dot 19th Hole Sock

Last weekend I took my annual trip to Cedar Point for Halloweekends with Mrs. GLP and her sister and brother-in-law. Friday night was a perfect mix of mild temperatures and occasional drizzles that went a long way towards keeping most people away from the park and limiting waiting times. We didn’t wait in a line longer than 15 minutes the whole night. Saturday saw chillier temperatures but a lot of sunshine that drew visitors and exponentially increased the lines, making it more of a casual day to ride anything we had missed the night before or ride our favorites a second time while mixing in plenty of time back at the hotel to watch the madness unfolding across the college football landscape.

Besides giving us a chance to spend some quality family time together and feed our adrenaline appetites, the trip also gave me a chance to put the 19th Hole Collection Socks I had recently received to review from KENTWOOL to the ultimate test, two days of walking around the park in not the most comfortable of weather situations.

KENTWOOL has made its name on the golf course, crafting performance golf socks worn by several pros. The 19th Hole Collection is the brand’s take on the casual sock, incorporating the quality and design of its performance socks into a package meant for everyday wear. The socks are constructed from superfine Merino wool in the USA. A patented yarn technology ensures both a great look and durability. The socks come in a variety of patterns, from solids to stripes to polka dots to argyle.

The 19th Hole Collection socks performed admirably over the two days at Cedar Point. On day one the navy and orange striped pair stood up to several hours of walking around and standing. My feet remained comfortable despite the limited opportunities to rest. They also stayed dry in the face of countless puddles and the occasional sprinkling of rain.

Day two presented a different challenge, less walking and standing but increased cold. Here the polka dot pair stood up to the cold, leaving my feet feeling toasty and warm even as a chill enveloped the rest of my body.

It’s now the time of year where my days of going sockless are limited. It’s difficult to beat the freedom allowed by going sans socks, but if the weather is going to require them to stay comfortable, I believe I’ll have a hard time finding a pair of socks that beats the KENTWOOL 19th Hole Collection.

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