Kiel James Patrick 1980’s Anchor Polo

Back when I started writing about clothing brands it seemed like every other day a new brand was launching with a polo. Uninspired entrepreneurs thought all they needed was a logo and a polo and they’d be the next Polo. Honestly I bought into the hype a little more than I wish I had and featured a few I now regret. So when you see a polo gracing these pages these days, you know it’s worked hard to cut through all the crap.

If there was a brand I thought knew a thing or two about polos and could put that knowledge to good use, Kiel James Patrick would have been at the top of my list. Spend a few minutes browsing the brand’s Instagram and you get the idea that Kiel knows vintage polos from prep’s 80s heyday. All that expertise was put towards designing the new 1980’s Anchor Polo, a collection of super soft, vintage-inspired polos.

Each polo in the collection is crafted from cotton pique that’s soft enough to convince you that you just scored an amazing find at the thrift store. Tennis tails allow it to be easily tucked and the two-button placket is understated and simple. The chest logo is a tasteful anchor that only subtly hints at the brand. The polos are made in the USA, an absolute steal when you look at the price. Five colors are available at launch, with several having a faded, sun-beaten look that enhances the vintage appeal. I have a lot of faith that in a few years I won’t look back at this recommendation with regret.

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