La Matera San Martín Watch

La Matera San Martin Watch

I was trying to think of some catchy opening line for this and my mind went immediately to music lyrics. Because of that I now have Hootie’s “Time” stuck in my head. There could be far worse songs to have stuck. It’s definitely a touch better than the Sesame Street theme song (#infantproblems). But the point is that today’s post is about a watch, or more specifically, a watch strap and watch combo.

The strap in question is the San Martín from La Matera. The strap looks like a mini version of the brand’s belts. Woven Argentinian guacho-inspired designs in your choice of red, navy or black wrap around the Italian leather. The strap then attaches to a Timex Weekender, the classic watch standby that you can’t go wrong with. You’ve got a choice of a white or black dial, or no watch at all if you just want the strap. Whichever way you go, the image of your wrist will be sure to stick in people’s minds.

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