Lanona Shoe Co. Academic Boot

Despite our slight flirtation with springlike weather last week, we are still solidly in boot season here in the Midwest. Boat shoes are just going to have to wait for a few more weeks. And while the time is running out on wearing boots this year, there’s still a bit of time and it never hurts to get a jump start on next year. For either option, give the Academic Boots from Lanona Shoe Co. a look.

The Academic Boot is a classic moc-toe boot that is at home both on the street and, as the name implies, in the classroom. The uppers are crafted with Horween Color #8 Chromexcel leather and stitched together with waxed thread. The sole and heel are classic leather and made in a way to be resoleable over the life of the shoe. That’s a smart trait if there ever was one. Adding these boots to your rotation is a no-brainer.

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