Ledbury Boughton Linen Cotton Shirt

It may seem like a long time away, but within a few months the weather will warm and instead of complaining about staying warm, we’ll be figuring out how to keep cool. Linen is always high on the list for fighting the heat but it’s susceptibility to wrinkles often makes it a difficult solution for the office. By adding some cotton, Ledbury has solved that problem and made its Boughton Linen Cotton Shirt the perfect shirt for beating the heat in the office this spring and summer.

A touch of cotton in this linen shirt keeps it looking crisp and clean while retaining the textured look of linen and its ability to breathe. The shirt is finished with a button-down collar and features a shortened body that is still long enough to be tucked in but also allows the shirt to look right at home when untucked. Both classic and slim fit sizes are available in order to provide the best fit. That warm weather is still a few months away but it doesn’t hurt to start preparing for it now. If anything it will take your mind off of the cold for a bit.

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