Ledbury Leighton Oxford Pin Dot Shirt

Ledbury Leighton Oxford Pin Dot

I traditonally stick with solid-colored shirts or some variation of plaid. Stripes are fairly rare for me but are worn on occasion. I’m still on the fence about dotted shirts but I’m slowly moving towards wanting to add at least one to my closet. There’s a good chance that one will be the Leighton Oxford Pin Dot Shirt from Ledbury.

The Leighton Oxford Pin Dot Shirt is a traditional oxford, made with a customary basket weave. The gray color is about out of the norm for oxford, as is the woven-in jacquard dot. Those white dots give the shirt a more casual vibe, one that’s balanced by a button-down color and a shortened cut meant to allow the shirt to be worn untucked. Chances are this is a shirt that will see more time at happy hour than at the office. And if a pin dot shirt means more time at happy hour, count me in (of course it would also have to make happy hour legal in Indiana).

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