Ledbury Petersham Plaid Shirt

Red, white and blue. I’m pretty sure half of the shirts in my closet are in that combination. Luckily it is a classic combo that can be tweaked pretty easily by slightly adjusting the tint of the components. So it’s no surprise that the shirt that first caught my eye in Ledbury’s latest crop of arrivals was the Petersham Plaid, a, go figure, red, white and blue shirt.

The Petersham does actually bring a couple other players to the table with the addition of orange and the use of light blue and navy instead of just one shade. That tweak does enough to set this shirt apart from so many of the others I own. Plus the Petersham is made from 100% linen, making it a perfect summer shirt that will keep you cool. A button-down collar keeps this shirt on the casual side, but it’s still dressed up enough for the office. With this color combination and fabric selection, we’ve got an early front-runner for this year’s official 4th of July shirt.

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