Ledbury Roswell Gingham

Ledbury Roswell Gingham Shirt

The classic gingham shirt isn’t flashy but it sure gets the job done. It’s perfect for those times when stripes or solids just won’t cut it but you still have to be more conservative than a plaid. It can fit in in both casual and formal situations and looks just as good with jeans as it does a blazer. You should have plenty to choose from and if you need another, look no further than the Roswell Gingham from Ledbury.

The Roswell comes in a very spring and summer appropriate light blue and white gingham. Still there’s no reason you can’t sneak this shirt in during the fall and winter as well. The shirt is finished with an Alden collar, Ledbury’s slightly smaller version of the spread. This makes it versatile enough to be worn with or without a tie. The Roswell only comes in a slim fit but Ledbury’s version of the slim fit should work for most guys. If you prize versatility in a shirt, the search ends here.

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