Ledbury The McHenry Plaid

Ledbury McHenry Plaid

Fort McHenry became famous for protecting Baltimore Harbor from an attack by the British in the War of 1812. It also inspired Francis Scott Key to write the poem “Defense of Fort M’Henry”, which later becameĀ The Star-Spangled Banner. And now it lends its name to a shirt in Ledbury’s summer collection, The McHenry Plaid.

Considering its namesake, the McHenry is an ideal shirt for an American summer. It’s made from a cotton-linen blend that is breezy and cool, perfect for battling the heat. A subtle slub effect softens the color, a brilliant mix of reds, whites, blues and yellows in a plaid pattern. A button-down collar keeps it casual but it can still pull double duty in the office or at outdoor weddings. And it can be had for a steal right now as Ledbury is running a Memorial Day sale through May 30, with $50 off two items, $150 off four and $250 off six. So find another shirt or five and save some money. It won’t be too difficult.

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