Ledbury Willowick Plaid Shirt

While browsing the latest shirts from Ledbury, I was predictably drawn to the red, white and blue color combinations. Those three colors account for likely at least 75% of shirts I write about. So while I wanted to highlight the Davenport Plaid, I made the conscious decision to find a shirt that didn’t adhere to that combo. The Willowick Plaid is just the shirt to kick the habit. 

Full disclosure the Willowick does rely on red, white and blue but the addition of green breaks it away from my typical picks. In fact the green is prevalent enough it breaks up any notion that this shirt is just like all the others. An ultra-lightweight cotton keeps it breezy and cool in the summer while a touch of lycra allows for an increased range of movement. A button-down collar and shortened body allow it to be worn untucked after hours. It may not be a complete break from RWB convention, but it’s a subtle dip into new waters.

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