Ledbury Wine Wayne Gingham Casual Shirt

Yesterday was Cabernet Franc Day, which is probably something I should have known already since I sell wine for a living. Usually cordoned off into Bordeaux blends, we do actually see a few single varietals here in Michigan. I mention all this because it popped into my head as I was searching Ledbury for something to write about and stumbled upon the Wine Wayne Gingham Casual Shirt

Much like cabernet franc, the colorway featured in the Wine Wayne Gingham is severely underrated. It’s rich, dark tones are versatile enough to fit in perfectly with colder weather, while the pop of color means it can’t be ruled out in warmer times as well. The shirt is made from pinpoint oxford cloth and looks great on its own while also having the ability to be a great layering piece. Versatile enough to stand out on its own or be an integral component of a blend, it’s no wonder the Wine Wayne Gingham reminded me of cabernet franc.

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