Lemon & Line Newport Collection

Lemon and Line Newport Navy and Yellow

Lemon & Line bracelets, designed and made in Rhode Island, help to add a nautical touch to your daily dress at any time of the year. They also hit a great price point that makes them solid choices for gifts. And the Newport Collection has several bracelets that can serve a different purpose, displaying a little team pride in a very subtle way.

It was the navy and yellow Newport bracelet that tipped me off to this idea. When I spotted the new colorway “Hail to the Victors” practically started playing in my head. And while I can’t stand that song, I won’t hold it against Lemon & Line. Several of the other square knot bracelets made from double braid line and stainless steel hook clasps can pull double duty as tokens of fandom. Navy and white for my Butler Bulldogs. Navy and kelly for the Irish. Any number of teams with just the plain navy or plain black. And if your team colors aren’t covered here, there’s a good chance one of Lemon & Line’s other collections will fit your needs.

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