Meridian Line United States of Awesome Print

Meridian Line United States of Awesome Print

Huckberry is a constant source of inspiration and discovery. From planting travel bugs to rarely thought of destinations or introducing new brands, I can count on Huckberry to do it all. The latest in that list of discoveries? Meridian Line and its amazing United States of Awesome Print.

I’ve seen Meridian Line on Huckberry before and often been intrigued by its products that often pay homage to the wilderness, but it wasn’t until I saw the United States of Awesome Print this week that I knew I would have to pay close attention to everything the brand comes out with.

The 18″ x 24″ print on paper is a wild reinterpretation of the American flag. The stars have been replaced with pine trees, the red stripes with scenes from seven national parks. There are the eponymous arches of Arches. Half Dome towers over the Yosemite stripe. It’s the best reinterpretation of the flag I’ve ever seen. If a print isn’t your style, it’s also available as a t-shirt (made in the USA, of course) or wood wall art. If finds like this aren’t reasons enough to explore, I don’t know what is.

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