Mill City Fineries Indi-Go-To Chambray Dot Bow Tie

Mill City Fineries Indi-Go-To Chambray Dot Bow

Now there’s no way you’d want to pair this with yesterday’s shirt, but a chambray bow tie is another non-casual use for the fabric. And there tend to be one or two good ones every season. The Indi-Go-To Chambray Dot Bow Tie from Mill City Fineries tops that list this year by adding in the vastly underrated dot pattern.

The cotton chambray, like a faded pair of denim jeans, adds an extra touch with a dot pattern. It’s an underrated look favored by none other than Churchill and one that should be adopted by all. It’s a nice change of pace from stripes or plaid. And because the bow tie’s made from a limited run fabric found in California, they are only ten in existence. Just don’t wear chambray on chambray. This ain’t Canada.

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