Northstar Neckwear American Flag Bow Tie

Northstar Neckwear American Flag Bow Tie Cotton Seersucker

For the last Bow Tie Friday of the year I had to highlight a brand from the Great Lakes.  It’s only fitting given the nature of this blog plus it’s been exciting to see quite a few new Midwestern brands pop up this year.  One of those, Northstar Neckwear, has been around since late 2011 but really took off in 2012.  The Minnesota-based bow tie maker made a big splash (easy to do in the land of 10,000 lakes) with its signature American Flag Bow Tie and it’s a worthy bow tie to close out the year.

Argue that a muted plaid or a wool bow tie or even a formal black silk number is more end of the year appropriate, but as far as I care any time of year is a good time to sport the stars and stripes.  Half the star-spangled bow tie is navy cotton with white stars, the other half is thin red and white seersucker.  Seersucker in winter?  To hell with it you’re already wearing Old Glory around your neck.  If anyone has a problem with it they’re plain un-American.  Do yourself a favor and add a touch of Midwestern-made Americana style to your closet before the end of the year and you’ll be set for all patriotic occasions in 2013 and beyond.

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3 Responses to Northstar Neckwear American Flag Bow Tie

  1. Matt Bach says:

    Great looking tie to represent the greatest country on earth

  2. Matt Bach says:

    The greatest country on earth represented in a tie.

  3. Wonderful bow tie It looks great more people should support our Flag!

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